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Joan Castells, the patron of EAE’s 2016/2017 graduating class and Chairman de FIATC

Tuesday, 18 de July, 2017

EAE’s graduation ceremony was a great success, bringing together more than 5,000 people Pavilion 1 of the Fira de Barcelona. In this year’s event, we welcomed an exceptional patron: the Chairman of FIATC, Joan Castells.

In his speech, the patron highlighted the importance of effort and human capital to make any type of a venture a reality. Castells recalled how, at the age of 23, he entered the world of insurance firms and how he has made FIATC grow since joining the firm in 1980, “thanks to self-financing, people, training and long-term thinking”.

Castells emphasized the similarities between EAE and his company, with both organizations focusing on “talent management, and knowing how to pick the right people. All of this adds value to the business school”. The FIATC Chairman went on to discuss how to generate a passion to work within people in the organization, “as well as enthusiasm, motivation and good time management. I always say that, more than economic capital, human capital is essential, along with a passion for teamwork”.

Time management is another of the challenges that Joan Castells highlighted, stressing that “it must be achieved in the long term to ensure that the company has a long-term future”. He also underlined that a company is not a static thing, but rather it changes gradually in line with the society. “For instance, we have to get aboard the digital age and adapt to any changes that occur. If we are clear about these concepts, we can compete, create jobs and enhance profitability”, he added.

With respect to training nowadays, Castells mentioned that this idea fits well with values of companies and society as a whole. “Training is a fundamental pillar everywhere and, in this respect, EAE is a great example, because it is always thinking about new kinds of training”. Watching the ceremony, the patron said that it was a great event for the students, “a culminating moment of recognition and celebration of everything they have learned throughout the year”.

The FIATC Chairman also recalled his time as the Vice-Chairman of FC Barcelona, when he oversaw signings of players as important as Lionel Messi.

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