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The students of the Madrid Campus of EAE Business School that make up the Dean's List this year.

Tuesday, 14 de February, 2017

The Business School has held the second edition of the Dean’s List with a gathering of the students selected from the Madrid Campus. Restaurante Paradís was once again the venue, with the students from the 2016-2017 academic year getting together to get to know each other and raise awareness of the real meaning of the recognition from the Business School that this accolade represents.

At the start of the event, Josep María Altarriba, the Dean of EAE, explained that “the Dean’s List is accompanied by a title and certificate of professionalism to attach to the professionals’ curriculums, making them the best ambassadors of EAE Business School”.

José María Altarriba was joined by representatives of EAE such as  Sara Fernández Carrillo, the Coordinator of Postgraduate Programs, Mariona Vilá, Director of the Academic Excellence Program, and Carmen Martos, Director of the Professional Careers Department.

There was a warm welcome and a drink on arrival to set the scene for an ideal event for networking between the students and other attendees. It was then time for group and individual photographs. Last but not least, there was a magnificent dinner with prawn carpaccio, venison steak and bouillabaisse, rounding off an enjoyable evening for everybody.

Notable features of the second edition of the Dean’s List

To prepare the Dean’s List, the students with the best grades (weighted average) on each Master program are selected, having achieved a minimum grade of 8.5. Josep María Altarriba, the Dean of EAE shared some statistics about this second edition: “There are 4,220 students from 129 classrooms in Madrid and Barcelona, with only the top 20 being chosen. This year, 13 have come from Madrid and 7 from Barcelona”.

One notable feature of this Dean’s List is that “the same age pattern has been repeated among the award winners. They are Executive students, slightly older with a family and a job, so therefore with less time to study”, explained Altarriba. “The Master with the greatest talent has once again been the Global Executive MBA, which is designed for older students”, he added.

Students Dean’s List at the Madrid Campus for the 2016-2017 academic year:

The following students were selected for their grades on the Master programs shown:

Dean’s List, Ambassador of EAE

The students on the Dean’s List shared a combination of joy, surprise and honour to receive the accolade from EAE. Axelle Fossier, a student on the Postgraduate Degree in Business Management: I am really proud to have achieved this, not just because of the award but for the personal satisfaction that it gives me. Each course felt like learning a new language. I have put my heart and soul into the Master”.

A rewarding experience despite the sacrifice made, and payback for a job well done are sensations shared by the deserving winner, such as Alfonso Figueroa Fernández, taking the Master in Project Management, who explains that “learning new things every day and renewing yourself is crucial. The experience has been well worth the effort, but it obviously involved a sacrifice”.

Miguel Ángel Sánchez-Carnerero Guijarro, a student on the Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics, highlighted the personal complexity of the effort required. “I have really enjoyed the Master, although it has been much harder for my partner. I have had a great time. The reason behind taking time out to study and do the Master was to gain momentum professionally. Now I have got work and new projects.”. Thordis Bensen, taking the Master in International Business, underlined the opportunities for developing professionally offered by the Dean’s List certificate. I am extremely proud and surprised. This accolade comes with great opportunities for professional growth”.

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