Current affairs

Tuesday, 23 de September, 2014

EAE Business School has just joined the Asociación para el Progreso de la Dirección (APD - Association for Management Progress) as an associated company. The APD is Spains’ leading association in the field, bringing together 2,800 directors from across the country, all of whom hold executive positions in national and international companies.

Logo APD The APD is the only business association that organizes more than one event every day in Spain, bringing together the country’s key socioeconomic players and the best Management experts, at both a national and international level. By joining, EAE aims to strengthen links with leading Associations and Organizations in Spain, actively participating in its seminars and conferences.

Founded in 1956, the Asociación para el Progreso de la Dirección is a private organization with an international scope, the objective of which is to promote and modernize the training and information available to directors and businesspeople through activities that disseminate and foster professional knowledge, development and improvement. The APD was declared to be of public interest in 1981.

APD y EAE Business School

For further information about the Association and the activities that it organizes, we invite you to check out its website: APD .