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Thursday, 9 de March, 2017

EAE Business School has been ranked as the second most responsible business school and with the best corporate governance in Spain in the Merco 2016 Ranking of Responsibility and Corporate Governance. In addition, this year, EAE holds 53rd place in the general classification of companies, in a ranking headed by the following companies in the top ten: ONCE and its Foundation, Mercadona, Caixabank, Inditex, Mapfre, Iberdrola, BBVA, Repsol, Danone and Calidad Pascual

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This ranking complements the results published in June last year, which announced the first part of the Merco Companies Ranking, in which was named as the second most reputable business school in Spain for the third year in a row.

To pick the most responsible companies this year, Merco has taken into consideration the opinions of experts from up to 10 different fields, including the following samples: 1,231 board members from large companies, 86 CSR experts, 159 members of NGOs, 111 trade union members, 106 members of consumer associations, 101 economic journalists, 164 financial analysts, 152 influencers and Social Media Managers and more than 1,985 members of the public, as well as the evaluation of Analysis and Research Technicians who have assessed the reputational merits of the companies in the ranking. In this way, the objective is to give a more comprehensive overview to the crucially important concept of responsibility.

Every year, the Merco Ranking analyses the corporate reputation of the top 100 companies in Spain and EAE has ranked among the Top Five since 2007 in the Business School category. Each year, applications are submitted from over 700 companies but only 100 are picked to enter the general ranking, with EAE having been on the list for ten years in a row. The list is drafted with the participation of board members from all of the companies operating in Spain with a turnover of over 50 million euros, as well as experts in Corporate Social Responsibility.

The ranking takes the analysis of six variables into consideration: financial profitability, service quality and customer satisfaction, innovation, Corporate Social Responsibility and environmental policies, internal reputation and employment quality, and international dimension. It takes into account the Independent Review Report (ISA E3000) conducted by KPMG and is the world’s leading verified monitor of corporate reputation. In addition, all of Merco’s methodology and weighting criteria are publicly available.

EAE would like to thank all of the current and former students, teachers of the academic faculty and partner companies that have made, make and will continue to make EAE’s activity possible for their cooperation that has led to these great results

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