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Wednesday, 15 de March, 2017

The international real estate consultancy, CBRE, was one of the companies participating in EAE Talent Week, which puts students into contact with leading company in a diverse range of sectors. Malgorzata Wojcik, a senior consultant and capital markets expert; Laura Espí and Pepa Ramos, Human Resources technicians at CBRE explained values and profiles that they need in organization, which has a workforce of 70,000 professionals in 64 countries. In Spain, the company has been operating for 40 years and employs more than 1,000 people.

Under the company’s slogan of ‘Build on advantage’, at CBRE, they work every day to build competitive advantages for their clients: investors, public authorities, financial institutions, property owners and tenants. “We are specialists in creating global solutions for spaces throughout the real estate process. We work with our clients to develop integrated, tailored responses depending on their needs: valuations, asset optimization, architecture, design, project management, etc.”, explained Malgorzata Wojcik.

CBRE’s values are based on respect, excellence, integrity and service, and to uphold these values, they work as a team with a corporate approach underpinned by transparency, communication and meritocracy. As well as being proactive people, other competences that the candidates that they are looking for must have include “demonstrating maturity, adaptability to changing environments, being client-oriented and, above all, being very keen to learn and form part of a multicultural team”, explained Laura Espí.

At CBRE, they believe in diversity and the need to incorporate multidisciplinary profiles in the different areas of the company. “Of all of the profiles, the ones in the highest demand are technical profiles, such as architects, quantity surveyors and interior designers, and business-oriented profiles, with a background in business administration and management, economics, law or accounting”. As such, the vacant position that the company is focusing on now and offer are in the CRM Department, Research, Appraisals and Valuations, Management Control and Communication, among others. You can find out about the opportunities in greater detail on the company’s website and the employment portals it uses, such as Infojobs and LinkedIn.

The EAE students showed their interest in working for the international company, and, at the School, the international profiles were valid linked to studies relating to Business Data, accounting and finance and technical areas. After the initial contact with CBRE, the selection process that is conducted in the company is “always coordinated with the department that the candidate is applying to join. It consists of a personal interview in which they evaluate both the technical aspects for performing the position’s tasks and duties and personal competences and skills”, added Laura.

In terms of searching for talent, at CBRE, they explained that they often make use of the various Employment Portals, on which they publicize the different vacant position the company has, as well as in Universities and Education Centres. “We believe that the best was to retain talent is helping employees to grow and develop professional within the company. With this in mind, we have internal rotation and international mobility programs that add value and give employees the chance to form part of different teams and branches”.

Initiatives like EAE Talent Week offer value to the employment market. The representatives of CBRE stated that these events are really useful “both for us as a company, as they give us the opportunity to meet young talents, and for students, as they get in contact with different companies and evaluate opportunities on the employment market, helping them to choose a place to grow and develop”.

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