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Wednesday, 28 de December, 2016

On 16th December, the students on EAE’s Part Time and Weekend Master programs had a drink together to celebrate the arrival of Christmas and the start of the School’s holidays until after Epiphany. At both the Barcelona and Madrid Campuses, the School has spread the joy and excitement of the festive season, with students and lecturers coming together to eat turrón and raise a glass of cava together.

Cristina Tomàs, Director of EAE’s Postgraduate School, got the celebration under way with a speech to underline the importance of the days in question, before finishing off with the tradition of raising a glass to celebrate the time of year, wishing all of the attendees a merry Christmas and a prosperous 2017. For the students, this is a different type of celebration that they rate highly, having the chance to mix with students on different Masters. Many of the students on the Part-Time and Weekend programs live in Barcelona or elsewhere in Spain, and they will spend the holidays with their families.

At the Madrid Campus, Raúl Bravo, Director of EAE Madrid, also highlighted the importance of this time of year for spending time with friends, partners and family. “Enjoy these holidays and recharge your batteries”, he underlined in his speech, as all of the students know that, when they come back after the break, they will embark on several months of hard work and effort to complete their Masters.

“We enjoy spending time with our classmates and sharing this special occasion”, added Pau Villamón, a student on the Master in Supply Chain Management.

Time to take stock of the course

As the year draws to a close, it is time to take stock of the School and the Masters that the students have chosen to study. “We started off at a relaxed pace but now the workload is far greater”, said Pedro Requena, a student on the Master in Marketing Management, adding that the program is meeting his initial his initial expectations. “We had some more general courses and now we have started with some more core subjects. This is accompanied by an increase in the workload. My general appraisal of the Master is positive”, stated Edmond Pérez, a student on the Master in Project Management.

Lorena Casas, taking the Master in Marketing Management, explained that she chose this program in order to bring about a ‘professional shift’, adding that she first wants to acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge to later be able to apply her talent in a company in the sector. Meanwhile, Julián, a student on the Master in Supply Chain Management, hopes to find a good employment opportunity when he finishes the program, as well as changing his job if possible. “I am taking this Master at EAE to broaden my knowledge in my area of specialization”. There are also enterprising students such as Manuel Pena, a Venezuelan student taking the Executive MBA. “We really like the business plan that we are developing for the Master’s Thesis. We will put our heart and soul into it to make it productive with high hopes for the future”.

Oriol Güell is also taking the Executive MBA, but on the Barcelona Campus. “The Master gives us a different perspective of the professional world”. Oriol comes from a technical background and, for him, all of the content is new. “The Master is extremely useful for challenging yourself within the company. In my opinion, we have a general foundation of business that we didn’t have before, and that is ideal because the employment market needs multidisciplinary professionals”. Meanwhile, Francisco, a student on the Master in Project Management, highlighted the quality of the tuition and the fact that the program involves more work than he really expected.

The Weekend Master programs are more concentrated. This is the opinion of Pau Villamón, a student on the Master in Supply Chain Management. “We are extremely pleased with the lecturers and the classes in general. They are very dynamic and accessible”, he added. Pau also wants to change sector and has taken part in some of the School’s sessions, which give advice on looking for employment. “That is something that I am really interested in” he added.

Taking the Master in Marketing Management, Lorena Casas also underlined the quality of the lecturers. “They are professionals that have been working in the sector for years, so they can share real cases that they have experienced first-hand”. Javier Navarro, a student on the Master in Commercial and Sales Management highlighted the diversity of the academic faculty. “They each talk to you about different topics that complement each other. Listening to people from all different fields is really rewarding”.

Sergi Morales is a student on the Executive MBA and he is pleased with the Master in general. “There are theoretical classes and perhaps fewer practical session, but you learn all of that in the company. It is top quality training”, he explained. “My plan for the future is to climb professionally, a goal that I hope this Master enables me to achieve. If I have to change sector or company, I will do. My objective is to become a director”, he added.

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