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Jorge González Marcos, Teacher of eCommerce and Digital Marketing at EAE, in the webconference celebrated by EAE Business School about Ecommerce manager

Wednesday, 4 de January, 2017

The position of eCommerce Manager in organizations continues to be in ever greater demand in large companies. For this reason, EAE Business School ran a web conference session to share insight into the role and salary of an eCommerce Manager, and where to find work.

José Díaz Canseco, lecturer at EAE and CEO and Founder of Food&Tapas, chaired the round table, made up of Jorge González Marcos, a lecturer on eCommerce and Digital Marketing at EAE and the Director of the Loyalty Department at Philips Ibérica and the online store for Philips’ Spanish market, and Daniel Gil Ramos, the Director of Online Performance Marketing, Search and Web Content Management at Philips.

“The capacity for analysis and organization, creativity, professional experience, having empathy and managing to bridge the gap between traditional selling and online sales” were the capacities and skills that José Díaz Canseco highlighted in the introduction to the web conference.

Role of the eCommerce Manager

Using research by the human resources consultant Michael Page, with all of the activities considered relevant for an eCommerce Manager, Jorge González, on the website Ecommerce Rentable, specified the role and duties that a professional holding this position will perform. “In the research, it is also important to bear in mind that certain positions are already better known and there are more positions on offer, such as the Community Manager or Social Media Manager. However, in my opinion, there are greater opportunities nowadays in positions such as eCommerce Manager, CRM or Analytics Specialist”.

The expert highlighted ten functions of the position in question, primarily depending on the areas of work:

  • Knowledge of the consumer. As José indicated in the introduction, the main objective is to shift to bridge the gap between the offline and online experience
  • Management of direct sales through the eCommerce portal and marketplaces such as Amazon
  • Management of the Conversion Funnel
  • Advanced knowledge of Analytics
  • Definition and monitoring of the KPIs and the balanced scorecard
  • Managing the CMS with at least basic knowledge of HTML
  • SEM: direct management
  • SEO: capacity for content generation based on keywords
  • Social media: knowledge of Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and even Instagram, as a trending social network
  • Emailing: Knowledge of Mailchimp or similar tools

Experience and training depending on whether it is a Junior or Senior profile

Jorge also mentioned differentiating between a more junior position, with less experience, and a more senior position. However, he insisted that both profiles required technical and university studies, complemented by a Master in the Digital or eCommerce sector.

The experience required for a more senior profile is more than five years. Meanwhile, in the case of the more junior profile, they are advised to fill out their little amount of experience with a personal eCommerce project, thereby displaying a strong entrepreneurial disposition.

This was the case of Daniel Gil, the second guest speaker at the web conference, who shared his experience of joining Philips, partly thanks to his eCommerce project entitled ‘Extremadura Cheeses’. “Rather than financial remuneration, you get emotional payback, as well as professional experience” explained Daniel.

Average salary

Another section that interested the students streaming the conference was the average salary of a professional in this position. Using the Hays calculator, the guests gave an estimate.

“Salaries are increasing in a sustainable way, according the report in the Employment Market Guide 2016”, indicated Jorge as well. The salary was estimated to be around €30,000 per year, “but we must remember that this is a commercial position, so we work towards objectives”. Meanwhile, in the case of a more senior profile with at least five years’ experience, the salary could reach as much as € 50,000 per year.

Where to look for work

At eCommerce Rentable, they manage a database in which users receive employment offers related to this position and sector. Jorge explained that they mainly get these offers from four key sources: LinkedIn, Ecom&Jobs, Michael Page and Infojobs.

Moreover, as a tip for the students interested, Jorge and Daniel added that it is important to keep track of the employment offers even if you do not end up applying, because it enables you to know the requirements, adapt your LinkedIn profile and work on areas to improve.

If you would like to watch the entire web conference, click here

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