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Thursday, 29 de December, 2016

The Christmas holidays are the break that EAE students most look forward to. Many of them return home to their countries, while others discover new traditions and have the opportunity to unwind for a few weeks.

To bid farewell to 2016 together, EAE held the traditional Christmas drinks for the students on the Full-Time Masters programs. At the Madrid Campus, the students were wished well by Raúl Bravo, Director of EAE Madrid, who encouraged them to spend these holidays with family and friends, and to recharge their batteries to come back to the classes in January with passion and energy. Meanwhile, at the Barcelona Campus, Cristina Tomàs, Director of EAE’s Postgraduate School, got the celebration under way with a speech to underline the importance of the days in question, before finishing off with the tradition of raising a glass to celebrate the time of year, wishing all of the attendees a merry Christmas and a prosperous 2017. Lecturers, students and staff from EAE got together on both campuses to raise a glass of cava and enjoy some live music.

Some of our international students plan to take advantage of these holidays to discover a new city. “I’ll be staying here over the holidays. I will take a short trip, but mainly I will be getting to know Barcelona”, explained Moisés Granizo, student on the Master in Business Intelligence and Technological Innovation. Meanwhile, other students are spending Christmas with their families, such as Alessandra Binck, taking the Master in Marketing and Sales. “I will head back to my country, Holland, to spend these days with my nearest and dearest”.

While many of her classmates are heading back to their respective countries, Diana Prieto, a student of the Master in Financial Management, is from Colombia and will be staying in Barcelona for the holidays. “I am really lucky because my parents and brother are coming to spend Christmas here in Barcelona”, she explained. Christof Seppl, a student on the Master in Marketing and Sales, loves Barcelona, and his family are coming to spend the Christmas holidays with him in the city. “It will be a real experience getting to know different traditions and seeing what Christmas is like in Catalonia”, he added.

Although she cannot go back to her country Guatemala, Mariela David, a student on the Master in Online Marketing and Digital Commerce, is happy. “I might not be able to go back to my country for Christmas, but I am going to Belgium with some friends.”, she explained. Her classmate on the Master, Lanny Bolivia, plans to get to know a lot more about Barcelona’s culture over the holidays. “I share a flat with a family from here and, coming from Bolivia, it is all new to me. I am looking forward to some fantastic and really different holidays”.

The students discuss their Master and future prospects

Cristina Aranda, a student on the Master in Marketing and Commercial Management in Madrid, underlined the extremely international group that she has in her class. She also mentioned that one of the things that she likes most about EAE Business School is the number of extracurricular activities that she takes part in (visits, presentations, web conferences, etc.). Manuel Andrés Olgado was chosen by his classmates to be the class representative of the MBA. “We really like the program and we have become really close as a group of classmates”, he told us. “They have told us to enjoy the holidays because, when we get back, we are starting the financial modules. It will be hard but we will recharge our batteries fully!”

Moisés Granizo is taking the Master in Business Intelligence and he has a very positive opinion of the program. “I like the Master. It is exactly what I was looking for. It is intensive, comprehensive and so on. In the future, I want to go back to my country, but I am interested in doing an internship here and staying around for a while”, he added. Meanwhile, Naira Ciftci is from Turkey and is taking the Master in Marketing and Sales. She explained that she likes the Master because “I am in another country, learning a new language. It is all new to me and it is great. I am really having a good time at the university”.

A student from Holland, Alessandra Binck also likes Barcelona as a place to study and grow professionally. “I started my Master in Marketing and Sales in October and it is going really well for me. In fact, I don’t know whether I will go back to my country when the program ends or whether I will stay in Barcelona for a year or two”, she reflected. Diana Prieto, a Colombian student taking the Master in Financial Management is also very happy with the program “I am finding the Master really interesting. The courses are great and we do several at the same time. I like the program and I find it motivating”. Before returning to Colombia, Diana plans to do an internship here.

Paula Abundan, an Ecuadorian student on the Master in Marketing and Commercial Management, decided to embrace the experience of moving to a new country to continue her education. “My first choice was Madrid and Spain. I chose EAE Business School because it is an international school that is highly recommended in my country”. Cristof Seppl, from London and taking the Master in Marketing and Sales, is a big fan of Barcelona. “Some of my friends were studying here and I love this city”, he stated. Although he plans to return to London at some point, Cristof intends to learn Catalan and Spanish and find a job in the city next summer. Meanwhile, Mariela David from Guatemala, a student on the Master in Online Marketing Online and Digital Commerce, plans to do an internship to gain experience, “before setting up my own company back in my country”.

Consuelo Alfaro is taking the Master in Marketing and Commercial Management at the Madrid Campus. She explained that she came to the city a few years ago on a university exchange and “fell in love with its streets and people”. When describing her class, she highlighted the closeness and great relationship between her Master classmates, as well as the classes and the approach in general. “The lecturers are of a really high quality and the program is well focused in terms of contents”. Discussing her future, Consuelo hopes to find an employment opportunity to get into the Spanish labour markets, enabling her to live here for a time.

Lanny Bolivia is also taking the Master in Online Marketing Online and Digital Commerce and he really rates the School’s great academic level. “Thanks to the extremely professional lecturers, I am learning lots, and living on a different continent opens up a range of new prospects for you”, he explained. Lanny is keen to find an internship so that he can learn and then apply the knowledge he acquires back in his own country “to contribute more to the culture I am from”, he added. A student on the International MBA, Adrián Pérez from Logroño is pleased with the Master that he has chosen. “I didn’t know EAE before and I have been very pleasantly surprised. I want to live in Barcelona for a few years and stay in Spain, but always within the framework of an international career. I don’t rule out the option of living here”. Adrián is a civil engineer and he likes the management aspects of his work, “so I want to focus my career that way, which is why I am taking an IMBA”.

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