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Adelie Guyonnaud, Graduate Wine Ambassador de Pernod Ricard Winemakers, session of Company Meeting organized by the Professional Careers Service

Wednesday, 21 de December, 2016


Adelie Guyonnaud, a former student on the Master in Corporate Communication Management graduating in the class of 2013/2014, visited the Madrid Campus of EAE Business School to present the Graduate Wine Ambassador program of Pernod Ricard Winemakers, in a new session of Company Meeting organized by the Professional Careers Service.

The program is designed for wine lovers who want to gain international experience. “English is crucial, but so is the passion to work and enjoy this unique opportunity” explained Adelie to the students. The selected candidates will undergo an initial period of training before embarking on two years working in international markets. “This offer is not specifically for students taking the Master in Marketing, but the work is related to that field”, added Adelie. Any profile at EAE is eligible to apply before the end of January, as long as the candidate has completed a Master and has a real passion for wine and travel.

What is involved in the Graduate Wine Ambassador program of Pernod Ricard Winemakers that you presented to the students of EAE Business School?

It is a Graduate Program that is divided into two key sections. The first is the five-month training phase, during which Pernod Ricard Winemakers will provide the new recruit with all of the information, brand content and our sales and marketing experience, to enable them later to implement all of this in our markets. This marks the beginning of the second phase, when the successful candidate works on the market for a period of two years. The markets for which applications are being taken for next year are the UK, Poland, Germany, Thailand and India.

In total, the program lasts for two and a half years, with five months’ training in Spain, Australia and New Zealand, followed by two years working in the field.

What phases does the selection process consist of for this program?

It is divided into four phases. The first involves applying to take part in the Graduate Program. To do so, you have to send a traditional curriculum vitae, a motivation letter and a video curriculum lasting up to three minutes, in which you explain your motivations, why you want to apply to Pernod Ricard, why you are choosing this Graduate Program and why you are the best candidate for this employment opportunity. The deadline for this first phase, for submitting applications, is 27th January 2017.

After this, the videos will be reviewed over the course of February and March, when a decision will be made as to which candidates will continue in the process. They will then have to have a short interview in which they will have to go through the content of the video to verify that it is all correct.

The third phase takes place at an assessment centre. All the candidates that have passed the rest of the filters are brought together and they take part in various exercises, group dynamics, presentations, etc.

After the assessment centre, if you are a successful candidate, you will meet your future manager.

Let’s talk about the video curriculum. During the presentation, you even showed an example, but what tips would you give to students with respect to making a good video?

Precisely what I learned in the classroom of EAE’s Barcelona Campus in the classes of Lluis Soldevila. Four days learning how to make a video curriculum. Attending these classes would be my first advice!

Joking aside, I would highlight two tips. Firstly, the methodology: make the video with a clear idea of how to distribute the timing, how much text you have to get through, what images to show, who will narrate it, etc. If you make a video by improvising, it is unlikely to turn out to be interesting. Therefore, I suggest fleshing out the ideas on paper. Write and study the text, keep an eye on the time, make a note of the points at which you want to appear and who will be accompanying you, etc.

When it comes to making the video, you should find three words that reflect what you want to convey but which isn’t visible: energy, creativity, motivation, etc. You may be able to pick these words, but you have to be able to highlight them with the format.

It is also important that you appear at some point of the video, at least towards the end of the recording. Above all, don’t forget to put your email and how to contact you at the end. Remember that candidates can also show their LinkedIn profile, and even their Instagram if they have a more corporate profile.

The profile that you are looking to fill is only for students from the marketing sector?

No, they can come from other fields.

Pernod Ricard is equipped to provide you with training. Therefore, the crucial or fundamental requirements are that the candidates must have completed a Master and, of course, that they have a good command of languages (essential!).

Lastly, why should candidates apply for the Graduate Wine Ambassador program of Pernod Ricard Winemakers?

Personally, I think that, first and foremost, it is a unique opportunity to learn what each person is looking for and where you feel good, where to grow personally and professionally.

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