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Thursday, 30 de March, 2017

With exponential growth in Spain over the last three years, Huawei has achieved its objective of matching its rival Samsung in terms of sales. Over the next few years, the Chinese multinational specializing in high technology plans to continue expanding its workforce. “We are making great efforts in the Human Resources Department in order to recruit the best talent, both in terms of junior and senior profiles”, began Marina Martín, the Director of Human Resources at Huawei Technologies, during the conference held in Madrid within the framework of EAE Business School’s Talent Week.

As she explained to the students, Huawei is committed to taking on young talent in order to create a great reserve of staff. “We strive to train young people that are entering the market with a passion and solid academic background, keen to develop and build a career, which are opportunities that the company offers”. To this end, Huawei has a range of scholarships with selection processes opening up throughout the year, depending on the needs and volume of each department.

Talking about these internship programs, Marina Martín highlight the possible subsequent contracting opportunities. “Once the internship is finished (usually after a year), we want them to consolidate their skills within our company”. At EAE’s Talent Week, the Director of Human Resources particularly focused on explaining two programs. The first is for recent graduates with a profile in telecommunications and computing who want to reach management positions. In the second case, Huawei also offers a program focused on sales and marketing, looking for all types of profiles and people with an interest and passion for the world of new technologies. “We are keen to find young people who want to develop in terms of the business side, brand positioning, how we can build a presence with other customers and make our technological solutions and products reach new markets”, explained Marina.

As well as this passion for new technologies, the key soft skills that she highlighted included the capacity for adapting to different environments. “Huawei is an extremely multicultural company, spanning Asian and Chinese cultures”, which makes adaptation to change, teamwork and dynamism essential factors. “The pace of work is intense and we need creative, dynamic, enthusiastic people with an international character”.

In terms of talent acquisition, at the start of her presentation, the guest speaker acknowledged that, from the Human Resources Department, they have refreshed Huawei’s image, with a change precisely focused on recruiting young talent. Choices and Steps, in collaboration with the Fundación Universidad Empresa, is the new program for attracting and developing young talent, the objective of which is to foster the capabilities of young people who demonstrate the right attitude and efforts that make them stand out. With this in mind, Huawei presents itself as a transparent company. “We make it clear what we are looking for, our expectations for growth and the career that candidates can expect to build in our company”.

Beyond the professional career, Huawei also offers training programs to ensure that “new employees feel involved, know that they have goals and challenges and the company will be there to help them along the way”. Marina Martín added that, in the Human Resources Department, they strive to ensure that the team feels like a single person. “We have a responsibility to work alongside new employees, guiding them along the path and giving them the tools they need to make success possible”.

Marina Martín acknowledged that initiatives such as EAE Business School’s Talent Week are essential for both students and companies. “There are students who are extremely well prepared, with languages and international experience, but who do not know how to operate in the professional environment after the classes”, added the Director of Human Resources, recognising the companies¡ obligation to approach universities and schools to present themselves and explain the opportunities the offer.

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