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Members of the team 'Pex to Go', champion of the EAE Football League on the Madrid campus

Friday, 5 de May, 2017

On Thursday 4th May, in the Events Hall of the Madrid Campus, the award ceremony was held for the winner of the Football League, an initiative run by the Coordination Department and organized by Juan Carlos López-Robles.

The final took place on 27th April between the teams ‘Pex to Go’ and ‘Intensos FC’, bringing an end to the tournament, resulting in a 5-1 win for the former team, made up of students on the Master in Marketing and Commercial Management.

More than 150 students took part in this edition of the Football League, which achieved its objective of sharing experiences outside of the classroom. The participation off the pitch of students on different programs at the School should also be noted, who came to the matches to cheer on their Master’s classmates.

Daniel Espinosa, a student on the Master in Marketing and Commercial Management, is the captain of the winning team ‘Pex to Go’. He explained that the tournament had been hard as they had come up against “high-level rivals”. Daniel agreed that the League had managed to bring his classmates on the Master together. “In class, small independent groups tend to form and, thanks to football, we have all come together”. Despite the competitive aspect of the sport, he assured us that the disputes “always stay on the pitch”.

As well as giving the award to the League champions, the ceremony also congratulated Milton Daniel Aviles Jiménez, this season’s highest goal scorer, having put a total of 32 balls in the back of the net. Milton is a student on the Master in Marketing and Sales and a player on the team ‘E’lo que hay’, made up of classmates on his program and students on the Master in Financial Management.

Talking about the relations between marketing and finance students, Milton explained that they had struck up a great friendship. “In the last match that we played, they were all rooting for me to score the four goals I needed to be the top scorer”, added the student, highlighting the united group that he had formed with his teammates.

In Milton’s opinion, the League has been a great initiative that “helps students disconnect from their day to day routines of classes”. As well as the networking opportunities and the experiences shared with classmates at the School, the top scorer also highlighted the flexibility of the League’s organization, ensuring that weeks with games did not coincide with weeks with classes.

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