Current affairs

Monday, 16 de February, 2015

On Friday 13th February 2015, students taking the Master in Digital Business at EAE Business School had the opportunity to visit the company Microsoft Spain in Madrid. The visit was organized by Carlos Andreu, a lecturer at EAE Business School’s Madrid Campus, who accompanied our students throughout the tour.

Our students were welcomed by Juan Ramón Alegret, Microsoft’s Director of Education, who gave them a short tour around the company’s facilities.

 Visita Microsoft

The tour included three interesting presentations that our students enjoyed greatly. The first was entitled ‘An Introduction to Microsoft’ given by Jorge López Tejedor by way of a quick overview of the company and its history.

Pablo Galilea then went on to give us some insight into the issue of customers with the presentation ‘Connecting with Digital Customers’. Before Yalda Pourian finished off with ‘From Startup to Business: Drive your Project Forward with Microsoft’ to bring the students’ day of extremely interesting talks to a close.

 Visita Microsoft

Microsoft is a multinational software and hardware company founded in the United States in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, with its headquarters in Washington. In Spain, the company has offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia and Vizcaya.

This huge company develops, manufactures, licenses and produces software and electronic devices, with its most widely used products being the Microsoft Windows operating system and the Microsoft Office suite, which dominate the personal computer market. With a market share of around 90.5% for Office and Windows, they remain the clear leaders in their sector.

Visita Microsoft

The visit was a complete success, with our students having the chance to participate actively in the presentations, thanks to the friendly attitude of the speakers. This was certainly another great experience for our EAE students.