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Antonia Arérvalo, Professor of the Master in Human Resource Management at EAE Business School

Tuesday, 14 de February, 2017

The Director of Human Resources at Laboratorios Ordesa, a lecturer on the Master in Human Resources Management at EAE Business School, coach and expert in Talent Management. This is Antonia Arévalo’s profile,  to which she has recently been able to add the accolade being one of the “24 Human Resources influencers that you should follow on LinkedIn”, as ranked by the team at Talentier.

The list is created in recognition of the work that these influencers do on LinkedIn, regularly sharing trends, new developments, reflections and content in general in relation to the Human Resources sector and recruitment. Alongside the lecturer at EAE Business School, the accolade is shared by Isabel Iglesias Álvarez, Jaume Gurt, Ximo Salas, Eva Collado Durán, David Díaz Robisco and Rocío Suanzes, among others.

Anna Sagristà, author of Talentier’s publication, which includes a report on the list, highlights Antonia Arévalo’s “valuable reflections on talent, change management, and personal and organizational development” that the lecturer shares on her blog Mayeutika, and then later disseminates via her LinkedIn profile.

The blog originated from her desire to share experiences. “Just like with teaching, as well as forcing me to keep up-to-date, I find it satisfying to share what I have learned and make my experience available to anybody who may need it”, she explains. The buzz that has been created around Mayeutika has been thanks to Antonia Arévalo’s generosity. “Right from the start, it was not my aim to write about technical issues, but rather to look at the aspects that nobody tells you about, what happens to us over the course of individual and organizational transformation processes”. With this in mind, the contents of her blog deal with people’s emotions and organizations, including public relations with music, stories and poems.

As the EAE Business School lecturer tells us, Anna contacted her to tell her about the accolade and ask her permission to include her on the list. “I thanked her for her interest and, of course, I said yes”, she explains. “I never imagined that I would appear alongside other professionals who, in my opinion, are leaders in the field”. Antonia Arévalo describes it as recognition of the will to learn and contribute.

With respect to how much time she spends on LinkedIn, Antonia explains that, like every professional, there are days that she finds herself with less on her plate and more time to dedicate to the professional social network, and other days when it is not an option. However, she recommends trying to “log on for a while every day to check out what is going on”, normally first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening. In terms of time spent posting entries on her blog, Antonia tells us that it constantly varies and the only rule with respect to her writing schedule is “to write whenever something comes from deep inside”.

In its first paragraph, the article in Talentier highlights how young LinkedIn still is, as the social media platform emerged in 2003. Antonia explains that she soon joined the community of professional who opened her profile. Moreover, she underlines the Human Resources function of the tool, describing the immense database of professionals and a great advantage. “People say that if you aren’t on LinkedIn, you don’t exist. That is perhaps an exaggeration but it is certainly the quintessential professional platform and I would say that every day it becomes more and more so”.

Lastly, Antonia tells us about the changes that her sector, Human Resources, has undergone since she started working in the field more than 20 years ago. “We have come a long way, although we still have a long way to go to meet the challenges of being drivers of changes and catalysts of new cultures”, says the lecturer at the School. The way forward requires organizations to move out of their comfort zones, “without forgetting the importance of key functions such as good administration, good employee relations, talent management, communication and so on. An exciting journey!”.

To finish off, Antonia Arévalo also highlights her relationship with EAE Business School, where she studied as part of the graduating class of 1996/1997 and where she returned to lecture on the Master in Human Resources Management over four years ago.

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