Current affairs

Thursday, 14 de January, 2016

After the launch of the Talent Alumni Review Magazine, we would like to offer a few of the pearls of wisdom published in the magazine with the aim of disseminating our former students’ experience and the knowledge generated by the community of EAE Alumni.

As explained, the Talent Alumni Review brings together the School’s own content generated by former students and members of the faculty, along with exclusive content from the publisher Harvard Deusto. The publication was launched in November 2015 and it enables the School to keep in contact with the community of former students and inform them in greater detail about the current students and academic faculty at EAE. Had you not heard of it before? You can download it by clicking here.

We would like to introduce you today to Joan-Jordi Arnó, a former student of the Executive MBA who now works for the company Schneider Electric. You can download the Talent Alumni Review and find other interviews like the one with Joan-Jordi.

Joan-Jordi ArndóJoan-Jordi holds the position of Vice-Chairman of the Simply programme at Schneider Electric. “My job involves achieving a more efficient organization. Over the last 10 years, Schneider has integrated around fifty companies and more than forty thousand people”, explains Joan-Jordi, who is 51 years old. “In order to organize that many people, you need to strike a balance between leadership based on control and a more human type of leadership that manages to motivate the team in difficult times”.

In 2006, he decided to take the Executive MBA, which equipped him with the tools to develop this leadership, as well as economic knowledge to gain specific insight into each expense, at a time before the recession took hold. As a result, “I received tuition that equipped me with tools to tackle diversity. In 2007, investments in the industrial market began to drop, in anticipation of the 2009 crisis”. Joan-Jordi recommends this programme because it put forward a management model that was ahead of its time.

Although he studied industrial engineering at university, he has constantly continued to train since then, as he believes that it is crucial to get training “every two years”.