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Wednesday, 27 de January, 2016

After completing EAE’s Master in Corporate Communication Management, Luis Guillermo has returned to his native Peru as an Account Manager at Chirinos, Salinas & Asociados, one of the country’s leading communication consultancies, where he had already been a team member for eight years in an earlier stage. From his time at our School, as well as the knowledge acquired, he would highlight the opportunity to network at an international level.

Luis Guillermo ParejaHow has the start of your second stint at the agency been?

Initially, I was there for eight years as a consultant and now, after completing the Master, I am back there as an Account Manager. I have been back in the office for a month now and it is always challenging going back to the country’s leading communications and public relations agency.

What do you do in the company? What does your day-to-day work involve?

I am an Account Manager. In the organigram, I am below the Agency’s Directors and it is my job to guide and supervise the work of the company’s Consultants, Executives, Content Department and Monitoring.

My everyday work is very varied: I draft proposals and communication plans, I have a close relationship with the customers, which include the leading companies in the country in almost all sectors of the economy. We deal with media crises, oversee relations with stakeholders, strategic planning, coordinate Media Trainings, Media Audits, etc.

What value do social media have within your communication strategy?

Social media are increasing gaining greater significance in companies’ communication process and their efforts to establish a solid reputation in line with the attributes of their brand. The positive or negative impact that social media may have increases day after day with the emergence of new communication platforms and the importance acquired by the opinions of consumers and users on these new channels.

Currently, including digital communication strategies as part of communication plans is extremely important. This requires an in-depth knowledge of the dynamics of these media and the profile of their users. Keeping up to date in terms of new media is crucial for designing these strategies.

All companies need a proactive or reactive digital communication, in which it is vital to know the company’s stakeholders, the communication objectives it is striving for and the characteristics of the sector in which it operates.

Are you involved in any campaigns at the moment?

Yes, we have several campaigns under way in different sectors, including retail, mass market, gastronomy, fishing, mining, construction, telecommunications, healthcare, education, commercial airlines, employment, politics, etc.

What is your professional objective in the short and long term?

In the short term, establishing a constant flow of information between the different areas of the company in order to streamline our internal processes and make them more efficient.

In the medium term, contributing towards the growth of the agency and doing another Master in order to broaden my knowledge. In this case, it would not be in the field of communications but something complementary. Another goal is to train the new talent joining the company.

In the long term, leaving a well-established personal growth policy within the company.

Part of your academic life has been spent at EAE. How would you define your time at the School?

Valuable, not only in terms of the knowledge acquired but also for the opportunity to network effectively at an international level.

What contribution has it made to your professional career?

It has given me the opportunity to work in a company in my professional field in Barcelona and gain international experience.

Thank you very much for the interview Luis. We wish you the best of luck!