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Monday, 14 de September, 2015

In 2014, Madalina Bucur decided to take the Master in Marketing and Commercial Management at EAE Business School, a decision that she believes has enabled her to grow both personally and professionally. She currently works at AVON, one of the world’s most recognized brands. Today, we have the chance to get to know Madalina a little better.

Avon is an organization with a history stretching back over a hundred years. The company operates in more than a hundred countries. How did you react when they called and asked you to join their team?

When AVON called me to give me the opportunity to join their team, it was a very pleasant surprise. AVON is a company that boasts a long history and a brand that I grew up with since I was small. As such, the chance to work in the company fills me with pride. Moreover, I love the cosmetics and beauty market, so I really couldn’t be happier.

Madalina Bucur, Commercial Operations at AVON

What were your first impressions of the company? Is it what you expected?

AVON is a great company not only based on its sustained success in over 150 countries, but also how it treats its employees. There is an atmosphere of unhurried work throughout the company. The majority of the employees are young people committed to their work. Their positivity and attitude demonstrate that they really enjoy working at AVON. There are a lot of nice, positive people in the team who, right from the first day, helped me to settle in to the company, so, as a company, it has surpassed my expectations.

What is your professional objective in both the short and long term?

In the short term, my professional goal is to keep learning and growing a little every day as a professional and as a person. I believe that you can achieve great things by taking small steps. In the more distant future, I aim to become a great marketing professional and that my work really helps to create a better and happier society.

Part of your academic life has been spent at EAE. How would you describe your time there?

My time at EAE has certainly been an extremely important stepping stone in my academic and professional life. Taking a recognized Master at one of Spain’s best business school has given a real boost to my professional career and I believe that it will enable me to achieve my professional goals. The Master is enormously rewarding, not only in terms of knowledge but also the experiences that you share every day with people from different countries and cultures.

How has your time at EAE contributed to your professional life?

My time at EAE and the Master have given me theoretical and practical knowledge, with the support of the lecturers, who are great professionals in their respective areas and who not only teach you the knowledge but also share the experiences that they have had throughout their careers. This is also extremely important when you are starting out in the professional world and they prepared me to react well to various situations that I have experienced in my professional career.

Would you recommend EAE to other students? Why?

I would recommend EAE to other students because not only do you leave with a great deal of theoretical and practical knowledge but you are also equipped to behave and think like a professional, which certainly brings you closer to reaching your goals. At EAE, there are lots of professionals who, in nine months, manage to convey their knowledge and experiences.

What experience will you particularly remember from your time at our School?

During my time at the School, I met some really special people from many different countries and cultures. In my Master’s Thesis group, there were six women from four different countries and ways of thinking, which I really believe has helped me to improve not only as a professional but also as a person.

Thank you very much for the interview Madalina. We wish you a bright future!