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Wednesday, 7 de June, 2017

Wednesday 7th June 2017. EAE Business School ( has presented the main features of Master in Business Intelligence and Technological Innovation for 2017. This Full-Time program is designed to train professionals in the areas of new Information Technologies and Business Intelligence, always from the perspective of responding to the demands of companies and institutions at any given time. To this end, the program provides a clear synergy between technology and management, enabling participants to develop the skills and techniques required in the area of Business Intelligence and Technological Innovation to lead information technology projects in a diverse range of sectors in the economy. The Master starts in October 2017.

At the Madrid Campus, the program is directed by Carlos Andreu, a Partner and Director at Acker & Partners and Partner at Brain Trust Consulting Services, who has a General Management Program from IESE, an Executive Master in Sales & Marketing from IE, and an Industrial Engineering Diploma from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. At the Barcelona Campus, the Program Directors are Maarten Tromp, the Director of Product Management at Openbravo and the Co-owner of Ideas and Creativity, who has an AMBI Diploma (Post-University Computer Science) from the Eindhoven University of Technology and APICS certification from the American Society of Production and Inventory Control; and Gustavo Ramírez, the Business Intelligence Manager at SDG Group España and a certified consultant in SAP MM, who has and Industrial and Systems Engineering Diploma from ITM, a Master in Supply Chain Management and Technology from the URL and a Master in Financial Management from EAE Business School. 


The Master in Business Intelligence and Technological Innovation is structured in 70 ECTS credits, distributed across large academic modules such as Business Transformation, Business Intelligence, Big Data and Professional Skills, with the inclusion of a Minor Program and a Thesis, which consists of developing a Business Intelligence and Technological Innovation Plan aligned with the company’s overall strategy. It is the only program in Spain that enables participants to develop both executive skills and more technical competences related to the area of BI, accredited by our partner, UPC.

One of the key strengths of the proram in 2017 is its intensive focus on the sector. As such, one of the main features is that, on completion of the programs, students obtain the certification issued by OpenBravo, one of the leading companies on the open source software market. Moreover, throughout the program, participants have access to software tools specializing in Business Intelligence, such as MySQL, Cassandra, MongoDB and Hadoop for Big Data; SQL Server, SSDT and Excel BI for Data Warehousing; Qlikview and Microstrategy for Data Analysis & Visualizations; R, Spark, H2O, BigML and Dataiku for Data Science; and PrestaShop for Customer Analytics & Retention.

Another key feature is the tuition program of the Master is developed jointly with the Department’s Advisory Board, comprised by professionals from companies such as Pepsico, Nike, DHL, Danone, Accenture, Fujitsu, Grupo Planeta, Mango o Grupo Puig, among others.


EAE has improved the networking and entrepreneurship services that it offers students, focusing on enhancing opportunities for networking, expanding professional contacts and creating specific tools for students interested in starting up their own business.

One of the main new developments is the creation of the Business Networking program, a set of activities designed to generate meeting points for students, professional and lecturers at EAE, with the aim of maximizing the exchange of competences, promoting lifelong learning and developing professional relations with people boasting extensive experience.

Meanwhile, EAE’s revitalized Entrepreneurs Service provides quality accompaniment services to the Schools students who are currently involved at any phase of an entrepreneurial venture. The objective is to offer a 100% cross-profile service that covers every aspect from training to accompaniment and networking to accelerate the venture’s visibility.

Last but not least, the Soft Skills program consists of ten independent monthly workshops organized in line with the Emotional Competence Model. The objective is to enable the participating professionals to round off their training with the strategic mobilization of their skills. Soft Skills area set of personal skills which, as the form part of our emotional intelligence, enable us to develop our lives in society effectively.

These services complement other programs designed to enhance networking among professionals, such as Welcome Week and Social Networking. In total, EAE organizes more than 400 conferences, workshops, meetings and activities for students


The 2017 session of programs got up and running at the end of April, with the students on the MBA, Master and Postgraduate programs starting classes in the Full-Time, Executive Education and Global Education modes at EAE’s Madrid and Barcelona Campuses. In the last academic year, more than 3,500 students from 102 different countries on five continents studied at the Madrid and Barcelona Campuses. A total of 66% of these students were international, while the remaining 34% came from Spain. 

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