Current affairs

Wednesday, 25 de June, 2014

On 23rd June, we welcomed MBA students from the ISCTE University in Lisbon to our Barcelona Campus to take part in a 3-day Residential Programme at the school’s premises.

Programa residencial alumnos ISCTE en EAE Barcelona

The students from the "ISCTE University": are an international group studying their programme in Lisbon 100% in English, just like the classes that they are attending during their visit to EAE. During the Residential Programme, they share the classroom with some of EAE’s top teachers, such as Jose Luis Marín, Rafael Olano, Felipe Botaya and John Wetherell, MBA professionals who gave the visitors classes in International Marketing, International Business, Communication and the Spanish Economy.

Curso residencial alumnos ISCTE en EAE Barcelona

The ISCTE University in Lisbon has been an extremely important partner of EAE Business School for many years. Every year, two or three programmes of this type are organized, always adapted to the needs of the Lisbon University with respect to students of MBA and Executive MBA programmes and the Master in Marketing.

We hope that they enjoyed their stay at EAE as much as we enjoyed having them here!