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Wednesday, 2 de December, 2015

Gianluca Chillemi is one of the many former students of EAE Business School that has gone on to make their dream a reality by starting their own company. After completing the Master in Online Marketing and Digital Commerce, he decided to take the leap and embark on this exciting project. Would you like to find out more about Click&Task and the sharing economy? Be sure not to miss the following interview.

What is Click&Task all about?

Click&Task is a sharing economy startup. We connect people that need a particular task to be performed with people that can do so, whether they are professionals or private individuals with certain skills. Fundamentally, both parties benefit. It is a win win. For the user, who we call the clicker, we save them time searching for professionals, and money, as they set the price of the task.

On the other side of the equation, for the workers, who we refer to as taskers, we give them a working tool that enables them to gain more customers and greater visibility. This whole system is underpinned by opinions and geolocation.

Gianluca Chillemi – Click&Task

Where did the idea come from?

It was in 2010. I was in New York searching the internet and I came across TaskRabbit, a pioneering in the field of the sharing economy. I wanted to start up my own company and I had always liked the idea of the sharing economy. We got started with a project and eventually I managed to set up a company in the form of Click&Task.

What is your target market? Who is Click&Task aimed at?

Click&Task is designed for all people who do not have time to get a traditional everyday task done, like taking the dog for a walk or putting up a curtain, and they want to save a bit of money. Clickers tend to be people between 20 and 45 years old.

Which is your main channel for customer acquisition?

At the moment, we are working a lot with social media, which are fundamental. Another, less usual, channel is word of mouth. What we want to offer is an extraordinary experience so that all of our customers are extremely satisfied and can recommend us to their friends. In my opinion, this is a key factor in creating a community.

Returning to the topic of the sharing economy, do you believe that these models can coexist with traditional models?

Yes, I don’t think that one model excludes the other. However, it is true that you have to modernize and keep up to date.

So, do you believe that regulation is necessary?

Without a doubt. I think that governments and authorities have to realize that we are now living in a society in which radical changes are taking place and that we cannot operate with regulations that are out of sync with modern society. I am slightly surprised that, in Spain and Italy, they don't implement more measures for the benefit of freelancers.

Do you know if there is a profile of a sharing economy user?

They tend to be curious people who want to experience exchange and new ways of trading, and who like fostering relations between people.

What advice would you give an EAE students who wants to set up their own entrepreneurial venture?

They must be proactive and search for luck wherever they may find it. Believe in your ideas and fight for them, even though things don’t always work out how you want. Don’t listen to people who say that something is impossible.

What did you gain from you time at the School that enabled you to set up your own company?

EAE has played a key role in launching my project and turning my dream into a reality. I took the Master in Online Marketing and Digital Commerce in Barcelona and, as a result, I had the chance to meet the Director, Ferran Ferrer, who has helped me out a great deal. In fact, he is one of my partners. EAE has made the difference between what I wanted to do and what I have done.

Thank you very much for your interview, Gianluca. We wish you lots of luck with the project!