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Wednesday, 9 de July, 2014

On 3rd July, the Graduation Ceremony of EAE Barcelona was held in the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya in the region’s capital. Over 2,000 people attended the ceremony at the conference centre, including students, families and friends, the entire EAE team and distinguished guests such as Salvador Alemany, the patron of the graduation and Chairman of Abertis.

The patron gave us all a motivational speech on how to deal with the difficult situation that we currently face with resilience, adaptability, foresight and transformation, which Mr. Almeny considers to be the keys to overcoming these tricky times.

During the ceremony, we also heard from Carlos Giménez, General Director of the Training Department of Planeta DeAgostini, Sisco Vallverdú, Vice-Chancellor of the UPC Polytechnic University and José Luis Fernández, General Director of EAE Business School.

Salvador Alemany y José Luis Fernández en Ceremonia de Graduación EAE 2014 Barcelona
From left to right: Salvador Alemany, patron of the graduation and José Luis Fernández, General Director of EAE.

We would also like to dedicate a special mention to three EAE students who took part in the event and shared a few closing words with all of the attendees, with a special message for all of their classmates, teachers and everybody that had helped to make their EAE Experience possible. The students in question were Ana Belén Jiménez Silvestre (Executive MBA), Edward Doyne-Ditmas (International MBA) and Kathia Ivonne Sarabia (Master in Corporate Communication Management).

“Today, Kathia, Edward and I would like to say a few words to all the students that have taken a programme during this academic year, with whom we have been able to share experiences in and outside of the classroom” said Ana Belén Jiménez at the start of her speech. “Together, we have formed a great community and we will also be a family!”

Discurso Alumnos EAE Ceremonia Graduación 2014From left to right: Ana Belén Jiménez, Edward Doyne-Ditmas and Kathia Ivonne Sarabia.

“Without question, the experiences we’ve taken from this year will carry us forward” stated Edward, highlighting the fact that “It’s the people who make the difference.” He also wanted to emphasize that “As we’ve learnt throughout the year, Master’s degrees aren’t for the faint hearted.”

“Certainly, we have all changed. We are not the same people we were a few months ago”, added Kathia lastly. “Without doubt, Barcelona and EAE have given us some of the best years of our lives”. To finish off her speech, the student made it clear that “There is no time to waste. The future that you want starts today.”

A key part of the journey taken during the 2013-2014 academic year for the graduating students has been the knowledge base that they have acquired, an achievement that would not have been possible without the daily efforts of the academic team. With this in mind, during the ceremony, a number of awards were given to various teachers at the school, including Jaume Muñoz, Marcelo Granieri, Alejandro Alcaraz (whose award was collected by Elena Puerto) and Mel Solé. Last but not least, Sisco Vallverdú, Vice-Chancellor at the UPC Polytechnic University of Catalonia, gave another award to the teacher Juan Gutiérrez and Doctor Edward Roekaert, Chancellor at the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences, received the International University Excellence Award, which honours the academic efforts of the institutions that collaborate with EAE.

Premio profesores Ceremonia de Graduación EAE Business School Barcelona 2014

For everybody involved, whether or not they were able to attend the event itself, we have posted the photographs taken during the ceremony to look at and share with whomever they wish. The various albums can be accessed via the following links:

For anybody who wishes, they can also watch the full video of the Graduation Ceremony by clicking here:

Video completo Ceremonia de Graduación EAE 2014 Barcelona

You can also watch "the video that appeared on the screens at the venue before the start of the ceremony":, which involved the participation of students, teachers and members of the EAE team.

All of us at EAE would like to thank everybody who has formed part of this experience for the great efforts, drive and passion shown throughout this academic year.