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Monday, 8 de May, 2017

EAE Business School has presented the main features for 2017 of its Global Executive MBA, a senior management program that focuses on improving and broadening the business training of the participants, all of whom hold positions of responsibility in multinationals around the world. The program covers all of the crucial knowledge required to lead an organization and gives participants insight into the reality of companies operating Asia, Europe and the Americas through three in-person stage in Madrid, Shanghai and New York. EAE’s MBA was the first general management program run in Spain and it is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

The program is structured into 60 ECTS credits spread over modules such as Global Environment and Markets, Personnel Management, Strategic Resources and Strategic Management, as well as the development of a Business Plan tutored by a member of the EAE faculty, which is defended in the third in-person period in New York and which enables students to put into practice all of the executive skills and competences acquired during the program. In addition, during the three in-person periods in Madrid, Shanghai and New York, participant take part in individual coaching sessions with professionals and visit leading companies in the city, among other activities. The program starts in October 2017.

EAE’s Global Executive MBA is directed by Dr. Aras Keropyan, Global Analytics - IPO (Information, Process & Organization) at Schneider Electric. He has a PhD in Business Administration & Management from the Universitat de Barcelona and a Master in Actuarial and Financial Sciences from the Universitat de Barcelona and an Industrial Engineering and Mathematics Diploma from the Yildiz Technical University in Istanbul.

To run the program, EAE works in partnership with two leading academic institutions at a world level: Kean University (New York) and Shanghai University.


EAE’s Global Executive MBA includes some significant new additions and improvements in relation to networking with professionals from different fields and cultures, as well as improving aspects such as employability, taken to mean an increase in professional responsibilities, and the enhanced professional development of the participants.

One of the main new developments is the creation of the Business Networking program, a set of activities designed to generate meeting points for students, professional and lecturers at EAE, with the aim of maximizing the exchange of competences, promoting lifelong learning and developing professional relations with people boasting extensive experience. These events include cross-profile conferences on current affairs and participation in annual events.

Moreover, thanks to the performance of the Business Game, the program applies a learning methodology based on business simulations, with physical models, enabling participants to tackle the challenge of understanding global strategic planning through practice and execution within a context that is a highly realistic reflection of the real world that executives face in course of their daily duties.

Meanwhile, in 2017, over the course of the program, participants on EAE’s Executive MBA have access to a series individual coaching sessions with professionals who will give them personal and professional guidance throughout the MBA.


EAE has improved the networking and entrepreneurship services that it offers students, focusing on enhancing opportunities for networking, expanding professional contacts and creating specific tools for students interested in starting up their own business.

Meanwhile, EAE’s revitalized Entrepreneurs Service provides quality accompaniment services to the Schools students who are currently involved at any phase of an entrepreneurial venture. The objective is to offer a 100% cross-profile service that covers every aspect from training to accompaniment and networking to accelerate the venture’s visibility.

These services complement other programs designed to enhance networking among professionals, such as Welcome Week and Social Networking. In total, EAE organizes more than 400 conferences, workshops, meetings and activities for students in all of the different study modes.


In 2017, EAE Business School celebrates the 50th anniversary of its MBA programs, including the Global Executive MBA. As an indication of the prestigious status of these programs, the Best Global MBAs 2017 ranking prepared by the highly respected Mexican journal Expansión ranked EAE Business School’s Global Executive MBA among the best in the world. Moreover, EAE’s MBA has been named in one of the leading world rankings in the field of higher education, the Global 250 Business Schools Report 2017, drafted by QS. EAE is a member of the Executive MBA Council (EMBAC), which means that EAE’s Executive MBA programs meet the international academic and quality standards required by the association.


The 2017 session of programs got up and running at the end of April, with the students on the MBA, Master and Postgraduate programs starting classes in the Full-Time, Executive Education and Global Education modes at EAE’s Madrid and Barcelona Campuses. In the last academic year, more than 3,500 students from 102 different countries on five continents studied at the Madrid and Barcelona Campuses. A total of 66% of these students were international, while the remaining 34% came from Spain.

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