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Wednesday, 21 de January, 2015

Yesterday morning, on Tuesday 20th January 2015, we had the chance to enjoy a session on omni-channel retail organized by ADIGITAL, the Asociación Española de la Economía Digital (Spanish Digital Economy Association), one of EAE Business School’s partner associations.

The event was held in the Events Hall of EAE’s Madrid Campus. Great interest was generated, with over 70 attendees taking part, drawn to the session “Learning to give value to omni-channel customers”, which boasted special guest speakers including Sebastian Cavanagh, General Director for Spain and Global Executive Vice-Chairman of Nurun, David Alayón, Chief Innovation Officer & Head of Product Design at UX Social Noise, and Héctor Saracho, Head of Strategy and New Business at Genetsis.

sesión organizada por ADIGITAL

The diversity of platforms and online and offline points of contact between customers and companies has multiplied in recent years. It is crucial for companies to understand the customers’ behaviours and needs to be able to offer them the right experience on the most suitable technology, with a high degree of consistency between the various channels.

The objectives of the event included underlining the importance of Omni-channel retail in customer relations, identifying the key concepts involved when establishing an omni-channel strategy and gaining insight from real case studies of well-known brands.

“Omni-channel strategies strive to offer a unique experience, omnipresence, simplicity and personalization”, said Sebastian Cavanagh, who started with the session focused on designing strategies and experiences from an omni-channel perspective.

“An omni-channel strategy is a multichannel strategy done well. Omni-channel means responsiveness, integrating areas and adapting the structure”. Héctor Saracho also added that “there are customers who fall in love with a communication channel: it is the typical ‘Get me one of those’ response”.

Last but by no means least, David Alayón finished his presentation saying that “an omni-channel strategy aims to offer users an integrated experience when they interact with your brand”.
At around two hours long, the event finished with a question and answer session, giving participants the chance to clarify any doubts with the special guest speakers, who were brought together by ADIGITAL for the event at EAE Madrid.