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Thursday, 6 de June, 2013

EAE Business School "Strategic Research Center": presents the study “Pharmaceutical Spending in Spain 2013”, which examines the public and private spending in Spain and in the rest of the world, and focuses it attention to the evolution of pharmaceutical expenditure in the coming years and the situation of the Spanish expenditure at regional level.

According to the EAE report, total public pharmaceutical expenditure in 2012 in Spain has been of 9.711 million euros, representing a decrease of 12.25% compared with spending in 2011. To find a similar number of pharmaceutical expenditure in Spain, we should go back to before 2005, because that year the number of total public expenditure exceeded 10,000 million.

General conclusions:

- The total public pharmaceutical expenditure in Spain in 2012 has been of 9.711 million euros, 12.25% less than in 2011.

- The average per capita spending down again and stays in 2012 at € 211.88.

- The Autonomous Communities with the highest number of public pharmaceutical expenditure are Andalusia, Catalonia, Valencia and Madrid, with 1,666, 1,446, 1,200 and 1,058 million euros respectively.

- Extremadura, Galicia, Asturias and Castilla La Mancha are those with higher public pharmaceutical expenditure per capita, € 267, € 261, 256 € and 239 € respectively.

- In 2012, prescription spending stands at € 10.69, 6.23% less than in 2011.

- Private expenditure on pharmaceuticals, medical devices and equipment in Spain is 6.891 billion euros in 2012, 4.7% more than in 2011.

- The Autonomous Communities with higher private pharmaceutical expenditure are: Catalonia, Madrid, Andalusia and C. Valencia, with 1.213 million, 1.107 million, 1.089 million and 803 million respectively (the 61.13% of total expenditure).

- These are households with a householder man with secondary education, aged between 45 and 64 years without children who performed more private spending.

- Hungary, Slovakia, United States, Portugal and Canada, with rates of 2.62%, 2.38%, 2.09%, 1.99% and 1.9%, are those with the highest percentage of total pharmaceutical expenditure of its GDP.

- The largest pharmaceutical markets are United States, with 246,700 million, followed by Japan (85,200 million) and China (51,100 million euros).

- Pharmaceutical expenditure expected in Spain in 2016 is between 10,000 and 17,600 million euros.

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