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Tuesday, 11 de July, 2017

EAE Business School ( has presented the main features of the Master in Stock and Financial Markets for 2017. The objective of the program is to optimize financial decision-making in a changing environment, gain a command of the tools and instruments used for planning, drafting budgets and financial consultancy, and develop the essential competences required to lead a company successfully as a financial advisor. 

The tuition program of the Master accounts for 70 ECTS credits and it is developed jointly with the Advisory Board of the Finance Department, formed by 21 professionals from companies such as, Nike, Agbar, Affinity Petcare, Grupo Día, Schroders and Marcilla, among others. The program is structured into 7 broad blocks: economic and financial environment, quantitative finance, financial markets, stock market investments, financial regulations and consultancy, minors and the Master’s Thesis.

At the Madrid Campus, the program is directed by Francisco Isidro, a consultant at IFRYDHE Training and Development, who has completed the Executive Development Program at IESE. Meanwhile, in Barcelona, the program is directed by Josep Bertrán, an insolvency administrator and Expert Assessor. As well as a Member of the Spanish Finance Association and the Advisory Board of ACCID.


As a new development this year, the Master in Stock and Financial Markets offers a residential placement at the Université du Québec in Canada, as well as drafting a stock and financial market plan as a Master’s Thesis to bring together and apply the diverse range of knowledge and skills in the financial sector acquired over the course of the academic program.

In addition, EAE is a member of the ACCID (Catalan Association of Accounting and Management) and the AECA (Spanish Association of Accounting and Business Administration). These agreements enable the program’s participants to access the activities and benefits offered by the two associations throughout the course.

Moreover, the students on the Master who are interested in taking the examinations for €FPA certification, EFA level (European Financial Advisor) have the option of preparing to do so in a number of sessions over the course of the Master using real tests.

In addition, participants have access to the Employment Partner Executive program, an advisory and professional recruitment service run by headhunters, as well as activities such as Company Day. Students also have access to an accredited coach who will give them personal and professional guidance over the course of the program.

To enhance networking opportunities, EAE provides the Welcome and Social Networking service, a set of activities designed to generate meeting points between students, professional and lecturers from EAE, with the aim of maximizes the exchange of competences, promoting lifelong learning and developing relations with professionals with a wealth of experience. These activities include the Coffee & CEO series, conferences with sector associations, cross-profile current affairs conferences and participation in annual events such as the Afterwork APD.

Meanwhile, EAE’s revitalized Entrepreneurs Service provides quality accompaniment services to the Schools students who are currently involved at any phase of an entrepreneurial venture. The objective is to offer a 100% cross-profile service that covers every aspect from training to accompaniment and networking to accelerate the venture’s visibility.

Last but not least, the Soft Skills program consists of ten independent monthly workshops organized in line with the Emotional Competence Model. The objective is to enable the participating professionals to round off their training with the strategic mobilization of their skills. Soft Skills area set of personal skills which, as the form part of our emotional intelligence, enable us to develop our lives in society effectively.


EAE Business School’s Master in Stock and Financial Markets, in its Full-Time and Executive Education formats, has been ranked among the top 100 masters in the world in the field of Stock and Financial Markets, in a league table in which the top three positions are held by Yale School of Management, Stanford University and the Wharton School of Business. In addition, the institution ranks the program among the Top 5 in this field in Spain.

EAE Business School has also been ranked among the 35 best business schools in the world, in the América Economía ranking 2017. EAE is the second most reputable business school in Spain and one of the 50 most reputable companies in the country, according to the Merco Company Ranking 2017.

The 2017 session of programs got up and running in October, with the students on the MBA, Master and Postgraduate programs starting classes in the Full-Time, Executive Education and Global Education modes at EAE’s Madrid and Barcelona Campuses. In the last academic year, more than 3,500 students from 102 different countries on five continents studied at the Madrid and Barcelona Campuses. A total of 66% of these students were international, while the remaining 34% came from Spain. 

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