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Friday, 24 de February, 2017

On Tuesday 21st February, a group of students from the Madrid Campus of EAE Business School visited the Romanticism Museum¸ located between Tribunal station and Plaza de Alonso Martínez. On this cultural outing, they had the chance to see the collection of historical objects, art and clothing from the 19th Century, as well as the temporary exhibition: the corset of Queen Isabel II.

The Museum’s origins date back to the 2nd Marqués de la Vega-Inclán, who displayed his wealth by founding, among other institutions, this house converted into a museum in 1924. However, the guide explained that, over the course of the years, the guide explained that, over the course of the years, the collection has gradually grown, incorporating pieces from other families and museums in Madrid and Spain.

After climbing the main staircase and before starting the tour around the various rooms of the museum, the students heard about the historical period spanning from the end of Fernando VII’s reign, through the regency of María Cristina to the reign of Isabel II. All of these eminent figures could be seen in portraits in the first room.

The entrance hall and the two ballrooms formed part of the public part of the house. The private part included the dining room, chapel, children’s room, ladies’ room, smoking room, gentlemen’s room, study and bedrooms. Highlights of this thorough tour included the different clothing and the evolution of the fashion of the period.

The students knew where they were in the house at any given time, partly due to the decoration, as the public part was more baroque and ostentations and the private part was more austere, and partly because of the utensils on display in each room.

From the collection, the guide emphasized particular paintings, especially those by Francisco de Goya. She also focused on the costumbrist masterpieces, a painting style that portrays natural landscapes, and the historical paintings of the period.

Complementing the permanent collection, until 26th March 2017, the Romanticism Museum has a guest exhibit, the corset of Queen Isabel II, on loan from the National Archaeological Museum. It was this corset that “saved” the Queen’s life in the attack by Priest Merino. On the side, the bloody tear can be seen from when the priest’s dagger stabbed the Queen. His attempt to kill her failed thanks to the whalebones in her corset that prevented the blade from going deeper.

The students who took part in the tour, most of whom were from cities in Spain such as Murcia and Jaén, and an Ecuadorian student, were very pleased with the experience and keen to find out more about future trip organized by EAE Business School, as among others Juan José Collado asked, a student on the Master in Supply Chain Management & Logistics.

Isabel Amador from Ecuador and Federico Navarro from Spain are classmates taking the MBA. Isabel, in particular, left the Museum amazed. “It has been an incredible visit”, she said. Isabel first discovered Madrid two years ago and decided that she would one day come and live in the city. “I have signed up for almost all of the visits that are posted at EAE!” explained Isabel, while her classmate Federico added that he tries”to go with her as it gives him the chance to discover more historic locations in Madrid”.

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