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Wednesday, 25 de October, 2017

Over the course of Welcome Week, students get to know more about their programs and the directors of their Masters, the academic coordinators and the School’s activities, as well as participating in a teambuilding session to interact with each other.

Xènia Izquierdo is a student on the Master in Marketing Management and has come to the School to “improve and expand my knowledge of marketing. I work in the field and I think that the Master will give me the boost I need. EAE is the School that best fulfils my requirements”, she explained.

EAE welcomes a large number of international students, such as Leila Coen, who has come straight from Argentina to take the Master in Human Resource Management. “I have seven years’ professional experience professional in the sector and I am really keen to continue along this path. EAE’s Master seems like a really good program, and I am sure to have loads of new experiences”. Leila hopes to return to her country revitalized in all respects. She also plans to do a Human Resources internship in Barcelona.

During Welcome Week, the program directors have explained the syllabus of the Master. The program director of the Master in Supply Chain Management, Miquel Serracanta, is embarking on this new edition of the program with great enthusiasm. “Although the basis is the same as last year, we usually introduce changes and improvements to the programs, always based on the feedback from the students and lecturers, as well as the experiences we had in previous years”. Miquel explained that the new developments this year on the Master in Supply Chain Management include an optional residential program that gives students the chance to spend a fortnight in Holland. On this Master, they pay close attention to what is happening on the market and the changes taking place, particularly in relation to the “new conceptualization of the markets in terms of e-commerce and the Amazon model. With the students, we analyse the evolution of the global supply chain”, added Miquel Serracanta.

Meanwhile, the program director of the Master in Executive Development, Emotional Intelligence and Coaching, Jordi Vilá, was excited about the year ahead. “It is all about the transformation that the students undergo and which, from year to year, keeps taking place. We have just go the seventh edition up and running and the faces I saw during Welcome Week look very similar to previous editions”. The objective of the Master that he directs is to transform the leadership of the people that take the Master, who usually specialize in managing or leading, “words that may appear to be synonyms but the nuances between them may make the difference between success and failure when having the privilege to serve people. The other objective is to train coaches according to criteria of the utmost rigour, namely ICF standards, so that they can work in organizations and accompany them throughout their transformation processes”.

Viviana Ortiz, a student from Madrid, has opted to take the Master in Project Management, “because it opens up lots of new facets and fields”. Meanwhile, Oscar Llop is taking EAE’s Executive MBA because it is a highly respected school and he wants to broaden his knowledge of management.

Although she has been in Spain for a year, Brazilian student Estela has decided to take the Master in Business Intelligence and Technological Innovation because she believes that all aspects related to IT are the future. In her opinion, at EAE, they use practical business cases. Raquel García is interested in the digital field, so she has opted to take the Master in Online Marketing and Electronic Commerce. “I plan to change jobs and training in digital marketing because I think it opens up doors in the present and the future”, she explained.

During the session on Saturday, the students on the Part Time and Weekend Programs took part in a teambuilding exercise organized by the School. It involved a role-playing game designed to let the students get to know each other better. “It is a great way to start off on the right foot at the School and meet my classmates”, explained Xènia Izquierdo, a student on the Master in Marketing Management. “They are always good initiatives when starting something different”, added Xavier Garcés, a student on the Master in Accounting and Financial Management

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