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Wednesday, 17 de October, 2012

During the seven days that lasted from September 25 to October 1, in the Forum were published in total 185 job offers and internships to work in 12 different countries. In all the time that the Forum has been active, it has received nearly 5800 visits and recruiting companies have collected more than 4500 resumes.

This second edition of the Forum of employment Online involved a total of 18 companies, both national and international, which include: General Electric, Kellogg, Xerox, Grupo Planeta, Kraft Foods, Hotusa Hotels, Europcar, Vodafone, Nivea (Group Beiersdorf BDF), Pepe Jeans, Dell, Grupo Santander, Miquel Alimentació, IES Consulting, DOGA, Social Media Job, AHP Middle Management and SN Talent.
All visitors had the opportunity to participate in one of the most of 30 chats that have been organized to talk to those responsible for selection of participating companies, as well as sign up for tenders published or leave their CV.

As a summary of the Forum, we want to share with you this "Video summary (Video Summary)":"
From EAE, we would like to thank both the employment forum attendees and the recruiting companies, because thanks to them this edition has become a hit.

Thank you and see you the coming year!