Partner Companies

EAE works within the national and international business community with the objective of establishing close professional partnerships that give value to companies as well as to the School and, above all, to the student. This relationship with companies and organisations enables us to gain a greater insight into today’s business environment, to fulfil companies’ personnel needs and to present success stories that we can analyse in our classrooms.

We work with companies in various ways:

• Recruitment. EAE Business School’s company partners trust our students to be leaders in their companies around in the world. 

• Networking. We promote direct interaction between companies and students by providing a platform for exchanging ideas through conferences, webinars, colloquiums, congresses and the annual Employment Forum. Partner companies also participate as guests at the Annual Alumni Reunion and the Graduation Ceremony.

• Research and academic collaboration. We encourage the exchange of ideas between partner company executives and directors and our teachers, speakers and lecturers, and create platforms for research, development and the exchange of knowledge between companies and EAE Business School.

• Lifelong learning. We develop in-company training solutions to suit the needs of each organisation, facilitating comprehensive and flexible professional development.

• Visibility. EAE works with the partner companies to offer the greatest possible scope in terms of corporate visibility, including the Annual Meeting of the Business Club, space on the website, inclusion in corporate documentation and the EAE Alumni magazine.

The member organisations of the Business Club of EAE Business School have access to three large areas of services, which aim to fully satisfy their academic and professional interests.


• Invitation to the Annual Alumni Meeting.
• Access to research reports from EAE's Strategic Research Centre.
• Invitation to Talent Management Webinars.
• Invitation to focused programs: refresher courses with the latest developments in the business world.
• Invitation to Webconferences on new business trends and the most innovative management strategies.
• Monthly newsletter.


• Participation as part of the teaching staff.
• Participation in the research reports of the Strategic Research Centre.
• Participation in the EAE Advisory Councils.
• Participation in conferences and activities organised in EAE.
• Preferential employment service.


Special discounts on training programs offered by EAE Business School:

30% discount for associates.
20% discount for first-degree relatives of associates.
15% discount for friends of associates.