Company Services

Company Services


At EAE Business School, we fully exploit our business and academic know-how to develop corporate training solutions tailored to the needs of each organisation, and to provide comprehensive and flexible training.

Why choose
EAE as a partner
for In-Company

  • Our programs are 100% customised to the company’s needs.
  • We provide an extensive range of In-Company Training.
  • The training options we offer cater for the entire hierarchical structure of the organisation, from unqualified employees right through to executives and CEOs.
  • We implement launch and communication plans for the training initiative.
  • Our highly-qualified trainers guarantee success. These trainers form part of EAE’s teaching staff working alongside an extensive selection of the School’s professional associates.

EAE’s In-Company training includes the MBA, Masters, Postgraduate Degrees and specialisation programs. In other words, the training options we offer are completely flexible and tailored to the client’s needs. At EAE, we can:

  • Customise the duration of the program.
  • Customise the content (combination of official and in-company training).
  • Customise the working methodology.
  • Coordinate all of the company’s corporate training plan or only certain parts depending on the experience or qualifications of the participants.



Being one of EAE’s partner companies has the following advantages:

  • We offer training with exclusive discounts for employees of partner companies. This training may be classroom-based (EAE) or online (OBS).
  • The company is invited to seminars, round tables and conferences organised by EAE throughout the year.
  • We help to organise meetings with interest groups.
  • Partner companies have access to our employment exchange, enabling them to take on students with employment or internship contracts.
  • We inform students and graduates of EAE Business School of employment opportunities.
  • We create platforms for research and sharing knowledge between companies and EAE.
  • Companies have the opportunity to send speakers, conference guests and teachers to EAE.
  • Companies are offered special conditions for hiring our spaces, and we provide experts in work dynamics if required.
  • Partners have free access to academic resources, such as the Harvard Deusto Business Review journal of the Digital Management Library.