Entrepreneurial Workshop

Entrepreneurial Workshop


Entrepreneurs Cycle

To awaken interest in entrepreneuring among EAE students. The specific components of the program are:


Lean start-up: Life is too short for doing something people don’t want

There is no start-up without a market: Customer discovery

The Holy Grail: Traction

The final test: Funding, the elevator pitch and the outlet

Entrepreneuring is difficult: Passion as a drive to entrepreneuring Passion entrepreneurship

Customer discovery: Find products for your customers

Lean Start-up: Learn faster than anyone else Get traction

Final challenge: Investment, elevator pitch and outlet 

Workshop for Responsible Entrepreneurs

To raise entrepreneurs’ awareness so that they might work with responsibility, ethics and professionalism. The specific components of the program are:

The value proposal

Sustainability as part of the business

Customers and Market. Building and reporting sustainability

The metrics of sustainability


Legal Classroom 

Enterprising students from EAE Business School can have available the main legal keys when starting an entrepreneuring project. The specific components of the program are: 

Mercantile considerations

Tax considerations

Labour considerations

Considerations on new technology law

Considerations to be borne in mind in a project internationalisation process 

Business Angels Academy

To train and inform professional and new, or less experienced, investors of the new trends and variations regarding investment in start-ups, their evolution and best types in accordance with investor profiles and business projects 

First session:

Identification and evaluation of investment opportunities, New Capital.

Presentation of innovative EAE projects in search of private investment.

Discussion between the participating investors and the session instructors.

Second session:

The private investment process. From investment to disinvestment

Practical investment and assessment criteria

Conclusions and Wrap-up


Expert investor sessions in order to offer the necessary resources for preparing financial projections, search options and for achieving funding. Sessions of Entities providing the projects with funding

Search for Funding in Europe

Hits and misses. 

Essential funding

Investor partners