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Program of Series

EAE organises three professional series for different student profiles:

• Entrepreneur Series.
We give students the tools and capacities to create their own company.

• Career Transition Series. 
We develop the students’ career plans, capacities and tools, to help them to grow in the company where they work. 

• Professional Career Development Series .
We develop and enhance students’ professional career goals by assessing their capacities and developing their needs.

EAE Talent Week

EAE Business School held the first edition of Talent Week at both the Madrid and Barcelona Campuses. The event is an employability week in which several company meetings and workshops are held with the aim of putting students in contact with leading companies in their sector.

EAE Talent Week was a great success. A total of 1,631 of the School’s students took part in presentations and conferences run by the companies, and after the presentations, many of the companies stayed around to chat with the students, giving them the chance to submit their curriculums, of which a total 927 were collected. Some companies also wanted to interview some of the students personally straightaway, and a total of 215 interviews were scheduled.

In Madrid, 12 companies took part in the event: Atresmedia, IBM, Burson-Marsteller, Manpower, Burger King, Viacom, Grupo Vips, Stef, People Matters, Deloitte, Amadeus and Schneider. Our students' participation was extremely active, with more than 1,000 taking part. The companies were also highly receptive to collecting the 554 curriculums submitted by the students.

At the Barcelona Campus, the participating companies were: Schneider, Decathlon, Burson-Marsteller, Manpower, Axis, Ingram Micro, Ikea, Talent Search People, Danone, Apple and Banco Mediolanum. In this case, almost all of the companies held face-to-face interviews with students after the talks, meeting a total of 125 students and collecting some 400 curriculums.

This great initiative was organised by the Professional Careers Department and the School’s Coordination, and left a very good impression on the companies, which went away with an idea of the talent we have at the School.

Employability Week

Activities organised with companies and multinationals interested in acquiring EAE talent, including Employment Workshops, sessions for improving our students’ employability and presentations of the main recruitment programs of each company.

Company Meeting

Meetings with companies and multinationals to present EAE students their Graduate programs, schemes that aim to select high-potential candidates from the top universities and business schools.

International Talent Program

A program designed for EAE students on Masters programs in English, to give them maximum visibility among the multinational companies that work with EAE. The program activities include conferences in international companies with managers and HR experts, Employment Workshops and online interviews with headhunters and international recruitment consultants in different parts of the world.



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