Postgraduate Profile


The exclusive services we offer EAE Degree students are the following:


Activities planned exclusively for EAE degree students seeking to update their knowledge, divided between:

1. Webconferences on Innovation and Trends. A monthly series of online talks to stimulate analysis of subjects related to company innovation and management. 

2. Networking activities. A monthly series of free cultural and sports activities for degree students, to take them out of the classroom to interact with the other students out of university hours. 

3. Coaching cycle. A monthly coaching session to make students aware of their own values and potential to help them discover and achieve their personal goals. These sessions are very common on masters programs, and familiarise students with the real working world. 

4. Cycle of Visits to Companies. Monthly visits to companies in Barcelona to get a first-hand view of their case through the company directors. 

Activities programmed exclusively for EAE degree students seeking to enhance their professional potential, and divided between: 

1. Professional itinerary for university students. For degree students, EAE develops a professional itinerary including long terms of in-house training and the development of their international skills. 

2. Graduate Program. EAE encourages degree students to take part in programs of companies working with EAE, and to do long term practice in them. 

3. Talent Development Webinar. Degree students can visit this series of online webinars intended to provide them with tools to improve their employability, which is essential to make them competitive on the jobs market. 

4. Employment Forum. A place for students and recruiters to meet on line (24-hour access from any part of the world). 



At EAE we want our students to enjoy the full experience of going to university, so we organise activities like: 

1. End of course trip. One of the most typical university activities is the end of course trip, on which the students share cultural and personal experiences beyond life in class. 

2. Charity Christmas Party. 

3. Nations Dinner and Multiculturality Festival in EAE, which aims to share the different cultures of EAE students over a meal. 

4. Graduation ceremony, in which the end of the course is celebrated with all students finishing their studies at the EAE University Centre and at EAE Business School. 


The EAE University Centre is attached to the Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya. EAE students therefore have access to all of the services, benefits and facilities that the UPC offers its students on the different campuses it has around Barcelona. These particularly include: 


EAE students have free access to the services of the UPC libraries. By showing their EAE card, they are allowed to use the lending service, and can consult the online databases specialised in business administration and management from the computers available in the UPC libraries. 


Univers is a service offered to the university community that nurtures health, social relations, creativity and experiences for the training and development of people. It therefore offers UPC students the sports and leisure facilities of its campus, controls access to these and promotes sports competition, associationism and leisure activities like theatre and music.