isaac hernández en tedx eae business school

Isaac Hernández

+20 years of experience in general management, marketing, sales and business development leadership positions. Broad knowledge of Internet, IT and Communications sector, working for Worldwide leading companies like Microsoft, Vodafone and now Google.


 Internet nos ha enseñado el poder de compartir y colaborar para crear una inteligencia creativa. El poder del grupo frente a la individualidad. 

sara alvarellos en tedx eae business school

Sara Alvarellos

She works in innovation, designing products and services that change the world through technology to improve people's lives. An architect qualifying at Madrid Polytechnic University and with a diploma in Digital Manufacture from the Fab Foundation and Centre of Bits and Atoms of the MIT, she is a co-founder of Makespace Madrid and Mujeres Tech, two social initiatives that seek to guarantee access for all people to the technolgical tools of the present and the future. In 2014 she led the publication of the first Spanish book on Makespaces and Culture Maker, Maker Survival Manual, financed via a crowdfunding campaign. She is the co-founder of the Spanish CREFAB digital manufacture laboratory network. She is currently a student on the EAE Business School Project Management Master's Degree.


We all find needs and opportunities to improve in our daily activity and it is very possible that other people you do not know have paid attention to these needs. If you find them and organise yourselves, you can find the way, the project or the organisation that can deal with it. Prototype the solution, test it out and enjoy changing the world. You have a life; don't miss the chance to leave it better than you found it. 

Daniel Landa en tedx eae business school

Daniel Landa

Palencia (25 January 1974). Journalist and documentarist. He has directed and presented various expeditions adding up to more than 100 countries around the world. In 1999 he drove from his birthplace, Palencia, to Singapore in South-East Asia, producing the documentary series “El Viaje de los Tres Océanos”. In 2003 and 2004 he did several trips around Europe for the TVR program “Europa en el Espejo”. Between 2006 and 2008 he commanded the longest round-the-world trip as yet done on TV. A journey across land including all of the great routes of the planet, more than 100,000 kilometres by road and across 51 countries. On that trip, he directed the series “Un Mundo Aparte” broadcast in 130 countries via the National Geographic and in the United States by Univisión, now on TVE's La 2, with considerable audience success. Since 2010 he has joint-directed the digital magazine "Viajes al Pasado" (www.viajesalpasado.com).

He is the author of the book “Un Mundo Aparte”, which tells the other side of the story that led him to go around the world in a car. In May 2014, he undertakes the “Pacific” route, which for a year would take him from Japan to New Zealand on a thrilling journey to the most hidden tribes of this part of the world. The result is a TV series that has once more been broadcast by TVE La 2 and in more than 50 countries of the world, with great success in audience and among critics. He is currently directs the Doc & Road producers (www.docandroad.com), which specialises in documentaries on the great land routes of the world.


All dreams start with a blank page, and even a journey around the world is written on a line. Commit yourself to what you dare to think. Life is a jouney, open your way, be the first to arrive… and be prepared to fall. Fail, but try to fail better each time. Freedom is nothing more than going off the road, creating new paths to inspire others. The price is high, you will be along, but the path you have created will be YOUR path. 

James Kepel en tedx eae business school

James Keppel

I’m James Keppel. I create guest experiences for places where people gather, socialise, and participate. I make places and things and help my clients, partners, and friends do the same. I’m based in the San Francisco Bay Area and describe myself as an entrepreneur, a designer, and a seasoned orchestrator of complex projects. The band plays the music. I play the band.


How much we enjoy and appreciate public spaces does not happen by accident.  In fact, to create an ideal space that people resonate with and enjoy requires meticulous planning. Learn how public spaces of every variety including museums, shopping malls, bank branches, sports stadiums, business headquarters, become places people appreciate or even love, from a guest experience perspective.  

sonia díez en tedx eae business school

Sonia Díez Abad

Sonia Díez holds a PhD in Economic and Business Sciences, an MBA from the Instituto de Empresa, a degree in Psychology and Educational Sciences and several post-graduate degrees from Harvard University. In her professional role, Sonia Díez serves as vice president of FEDEPE and directs her delegation in Andalusia; she presides the Horizonte Ítaca business group, which is made up of the Torrequebrada International School (Benalmádena, Málaga), the Europa International School (Getxo, Vizcaya), Itáca Foundation and Wakana Lake (Alcornocales Natural Park) all grouped under the same motto: "All the roads of the ÍTACA HORIZON accompany the development and well-being of people". This premise represents the raison d'être and the foundations of her business and personal strategy, which was reinforced when she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and she lived, as she calls it, "the transit through the territories of cancer" where moments of joy and humanity are crossed and the difficulty and fear are overcome.

This episode changes the way in which she governs her business and personal world, giving more importance to people, facilitating their development and integration and, above all, appreciating the potential and creativity that they individually give to the team as a whole. A regular attendee of congresses and forums where education, creativity or improvement are the basis, Díez is a tenacious fighter who enjoys her family and friends and is a faithful collaborator of congresses in which ideas are presented to change the world. "A world of possibilities" (the slogan of one of her educational centres) is what Sonia Díez offers and a borderless horizon capable of creating and linking dreams and projects in any part of the world.


Entrepreneurship as CONTINUOUS learning, as a territory in which the roads that are currently traced do not limit the possibility of walking its entire length and it becoming a distinct and non-transferable experience depending on the uniqueness of each student - their abilities, their talents, their age and, above all, their emotional and relational life

Javier medina tedx eae business school

Javier Medina

He has a Doctorate from the Complutense University of Madrid, in Cellular and Molecular Biologist of Plants and works at the CSIC Centre for Biological Research in Madrid, where he researches into plant adaptation to the space environment, studying the alteration of cellular and molecular processes caused by the absence of gravity. He has directed two European experiments on the International Space Station (ISS), one with the participation of Spanish astronaut Pedro Duque and one more, recently concluded, as European Project Director in a collaboration program between NASA and ESA . He has published more than 100 research papers in international books and journals and has been a member of the Executive Committees of the European Cellular Biology Organisation (ECBO) and the European Light Gravity Research Association (ELGRA).

Talk: We need to grow plants in order to explore space

In space exploration, the human being must be accompanied by plants as essential components of the bioregenerative life support systems. The growth of plants in space requires knowing the mechanisms of detection and response to the space environment. This environment is characterised by the absence of gravity, an essential factor on Earth for the growth and development of plants, which depend on the gravity vector through gravitropism. Working with meristems, which provide the stem cells for differentiation, we have found important alterations in our laboratory at the cellular level in real and simulated microgravity experiments, with implications in the development of the plant. However, it has recently been shown that adult plants and apparently normal flowers can be produced in the ISS, which reveals that the plants eventually adapt to survive in space. The study of adaptation mechanisms is one of our main short and medium term challenges. We are contributing to this goal with experiments recently concluded at the ISS, in which we analyse the combined influence of gravity and light on plant development.

David Uson en tedx eae business school

David Usón

Political Sciences/speciality: Management and public administration (Madrid Complutense University)./ Executive Master in Marketing at EAE. To name but a few companies where he has worked: Microsoft (Marketing), Transhotel (International contracting management), Co-founder of Milestone trade and Consultoria funeraria, and currently Marketing Manager at Enappy group and nappy.es

Talk: 42,195 METRES

These are the exact metres of a marathon, and as a marathon creator (yes, I have done 3 in recent years) I want to explain why and how this goal can be achieved, a goal that can be applied to your personal and professional life.

gemma gonzalez en tedx eae business school

Gemma González Andrés

Master of Human Resources Management by the College of Political Scientists and Sociologists of Madrid. Executive Coach for Intuition Coaching by ICF (Institute Coach Federation). Certified in Brief Coaching by Peter Szabo in Basel (Switzerland). NLP Practitioner by the Human Potential Institute. Executive Coaching training at the College of Personal Development (UK). Trained in Appreciative Inquiry by Miriam Subirana. Certified in CTT (Cultural Transformation Tools) by Richard Barrett. I4 Trainer, certified in Model i4 of Neuroleadership of About my Brain Institute. Member of the Committee of Experts and Culture Committee of the AEC (Association of Customer Experience)

Talk: The neuroleader we have inside

Neuroleaders are needed to develop the potential of their brain to inspire others. Being aware of how your brain works will allow you to develop many of the capabilities to be an innovative leader

Kristen Lueck en tedx eae business school

Kristen Lueck

I like to hear stories. What's yours?


Whether we realise it or not, music and sound score everything – from cine films to our daily wake-up call. Learn how to harness the impact of this powerful, and often under-utilised, design tool, to transform brand messaging, multi-sensory experiences, and even your own life.

javier sirvent en tedx eae business school

Javier Sirvent

They have "baptized" him the Technology Evangelist; considered one of the most privileged brains of the world of technology in Spain, a visionary who "unites things" between the world of science and technology. Author of several industrial patents and founder of companies who works as an innovation consultant for several companies from different sectors. He is a professor in the most prestigious business schools in Spain and teacher on several In-Company training programs. His passion: To tell companies of what and when they are going to die, and to be able to help them survive the Digital Tsunami.

Talk: YoTubeTrabajo

Everyone talks about Robots taking our work away; that we will have 3-day weekends or a 5-hour workday; that we will even have to think about imposing a universal basic income. Our young people will change jobs at least 16 times and in all probability, we will live more than 120 years. For many people, the news that work for a lifetime is over will force them to transform as people and develop new skills, to re-learn and re-train. What will be the working keys to survive this invasion of robotisation?