EAE Research Awards

EAE Research Awards

Aim of the 2nd EAE
Baccalaureate Award:


EAE Business School is convening the 2ND EAE BACCALAUREATE AWARDS: IDEAS FOR THE NEW ECONOMY in order to stimulate students' research spirit and creativity in enterprise, and to offer teachers the chance to contribute to the discussion on the new economy and to give a practical meaning to their teaching work.

In view of the current state of the economy and society, which are immersed in such profound reconsiderations as that of the very model of economic growth and progress or society's system of values, at the present time a spokesperson is needed for the young and their new initiatives to be able to be developed naturally and in freedom. Assuming that the present business and educational model is unable to give a solution, we launch the second research award for young students in the hope of supporting them as tomorrow's agents of change. 

Some of the areas from which this new economy can be approached are: 

1. Innovation in products and services for a better world. 

2. Proposals of collaboration and joint work between the public and private sectors to enrich the economy. 

3. Attention to diversity and globalisation for a fairer society. 

4. Use and promotion of creativity for resourceless surroundings. 


Award Bases

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1. Participants

This competition is open individually to all second-year Social Science Baccalaureate students, those on the last year of the Higher Grade Training Cycles of Administration and Finance or Commercial Management and Marketing in centres of education in Spain.

2. Requisites

The works must deal with topics of the economic surroundings or the world of enterprise in any of its areas (Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneuring... etc). In particular, they have to be new and original, not awarded in any other competition and must include the bibliography used and the corresponding quotes both of texts and illustrations or photographs, when they include ideas or materials from others. 

3. Time and presentation

The time for presentation will be from 9 AM on 15 January 2016, until 9 PM on 15 April 2016, each day from 9 AM to 9 PM.

The work will be presented in a sealed envelope to EAE University Centre (Aragó, 55, 08015 Barcelona), for the attention of Mr. Gerard Fluxà, with the title, *"Candidato al II PREMIO DE BACHILLERATO EAE: IDEAS PARA LA PRÓXIMA ECONOMÍA"*. In the envelope, in addition to the work and the annexes, there will be a separate sheet indicating: 

1. Title of the work 

2. Educational centre of the author 

3. Type of studies (Baccalaureate or Vocational training Cycle) done by the author 

4. Name and surname/s of the author 

5. Name and surname/s of the tutor 

6. Postal address, postcode, town/city, telephone and contact email of the author and the tutor 

4. Amount of the prize

FIRST PRIZE: A grant to cover the entire cost of the first year of the EAE Degree in Business Administration and Management for the author of the work, and for the 2016/2017 academic year. The tutor will receive a laptop computer. 

SECOND PRIZE: A grant to cover half of the cost of the first year of the EAE Degree in Business Administration and Management for the author of the work, and for the 2016/2017 academic year. The tutor will receive a tablet. 

The School's Academic Tribunal on 18 May 2016 unanimously declared the 2nd EAE Baccalaureate Awards vacant.

THREE SPECIAL MENTIONS: Consisting of three electronic book readers for the authors of the works. 

5. Decision

The fifteen finalists of the 2nd EAE Baccalaureate Awards will physically present their works before the School's academic tribunal on 18 May 2016 at the EAE University Centre (Aragó, 55 08015 Barcelona). The prizes will be given to the winners or their representatives on the same day after the deliberation of the tribunal, and the decision will also be posted on the EAE website.

For any query, those concerned may write to premiobachillerato@eae.es


Legal Disclaimer


Participation in the Research Awards means acceptance of these Bases, and supposes the inclusion of the participants in a computer file for the organisation of the prize-winners in the different categories. According to the Personal Data Protection Organic Law 15/1999, it is hereby informed that said data will not be passed on to any entity outside the Awards without the consent of the party concerned. This party may acccess said file to obtain information, to change it, cancel it or oppose it at the email of the Awards.