Open Day

Open Day


The EAE University Centre organises regular visits to schools, high schools preparing students for the baccalaureate and Advanced Level Vocational Training Centres.

On these visits, our Degree Advisors give a series of talks to any students interested in finding out more about the EAE University Centre in Barcelona and EAE Business School, the second most reputable Business School in Spain according to the Merco Ranking, giving them first-hand insight into what the School offers both current and former students, as well as an overview of the study programs for the Degree in Business Administration and Management.

These are some of the visits planned for the next months:

- 13 February. Col·legi Europa. Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)

- 13 February. Maristes La Immaculada. Barcelona

- 13 February. St. Peter's School. Barcelona

- 27 February. Fira de l'Ensenyament Igualada. Igualada

- 3 March. International School of Barcelona. Sitges (Barcelona)

- 13 March. Teresianes Ganduxer. Barcelona

- 10 April. Institut Vidal i Barraquer (2º Bach). Tarragona

- 1 May. Institut Vidal i Barraquer (1º Bach). Tarragona

If you are a University Coordinator or Counsellor and would like us to organise a visit to your education centre, just send us an email to and we will be in touch as soon as we can

EAE Business School regularly runs a series of Open Days for education centres that want to familiarise themselves with the business school environment, show their students the everyday running of the University Centre and get in-depth information about our Degree study programs and the facilities at the Barcelona Campus.

These Open Days are structure into four stages:

1. Explanatory presentation by our academic experts outlining the benefits of undertaking university studies at a Business School.

2. Presentation to Coordinators, students and parents, with an overview of the Degree in Business Administration and Management, its benefits, professional opportunities and the different program options to choose from.

3. After the more informative section, there is a visit to the facilities of the EAE University Centre.

4. To finish off, there is a small complementary appetiser for all of the participants in the Open Day.

If you are a University Coordinator or Counsellor and would like us to organise an Open day exclusively for your education centre to come and visit us with your students, just send us an email to and we will be in touch.



At EAE Business School, our students and families are what matter most of all.

Our response to requests for information regarding the Degree in BAM is conducted through a personal interview designed to deal with any enquiries or doubts that prospective future university students may have.

Anybody interested can schedule a personal interview with the Director of the Degree in BAM, Salva Contreras, from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 19:00.

Students and families coming from far from Barcelona who have difficulty to arrange timetables and transports can schedule a personal interview at the school on Saturdays:

April 11th and 25th
May 9th and 23th

Interview with the Degree Admissions Director, Salva Contreras, must be scheduled by sending an e-mail to

If you would be interested in finding out more about the EAE University Centre and our Official Degree in Business Administration and Management, please send us an email to or call us on (+34) 93 227 80 90 to request a personal interview.

For centres preparing students for the high school baccalaureate or vocational training, the EAE University Centre offers the opportunity to run the following activities:

1. Conferences: Active and dynamic sessions in which EAE teachers explain a current or specialist topic related to the field of business management and administration.

2. Workshops: Students gain insight into the reality of company management through case studies and practical exercises, with an introduction to decision-making, analysis, planning and implementation.
EAE offers centres the option of focusing on customised topics. Some such topics that have previously been discussed in centres include:

Current economic situation: analysis of the main concepts and events that are currently shaping the economic world, run by Economics experts from EAE Business School.

Successes and failures in the world of business: EAE experts give participants practical and accessible insight into stories of business failure and success, based on real examples of companies and executives.

Advertising, communications and marketing: Based on real communications campaigns, marketing, advertising and communication professionals explain everything that goes into creating a successful brand or product.

Internet and social networks – Where’s the business?: In this workshop, we talk about the Internet, successful business models and the main developments that the future will bring.