University Master in Business Administration and Management

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Professional opportunities for graduates of the program

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Professional Careers Department

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Professional opportunities for graduates of the program

The University Master in Business Administration and Management equips students to oversee financial advice and planning, take on the general management of companies and organizations of any kind, and make progress in their professional careers and take on roles of greater responsibility.

The Master takes an integrative approach to all the functional areas of the company, which gives students access to a broad range of professional opportunities:

General company management or department director
Senior management positions in any sector that entails strategic, operational or management planning and executive positions in the different functional departments of the company, including marketing and sales, human resources, accounting and finance, production, quality, logistics and administration.

Financial services
Positions related to the financial sector with the main duties including money management, consultancy for mergers and acquisitions, financial advice and risk analysis, as well as other roles related to commercial and investment banking and insurance.

Commercial services
Directors managing a brand, capitalizing on business opportunities and working in coordination with the organization’s other departments and business managers with a great capacity for negotiation and communication.

Business development
Directors of strategic and business consultancy, entrepreneurs who want to launch their own business project for different business ideas in various sectors.

The University Master in Business Administration and Management is suitable for a very diverse range of profiles, including both professionals with years of experience who want to retrain and recent graduates who want to enhance their professionalism.

Professional Careers Department

The objective of EAE Business School’s Professional Careers Service is to cater for the needs of EAE students and graduates in relation to professional orientation and employability with the purpose of being well positioned as they approach the professional market.

The Department manages the Employment Exchange that processes offers for company internships and employment opportunities for EAE students. In fact, the School has close ties with companies and Human Resources and Recruitment consultants, which enables the School to keep current and former students informed of an extensive range of employment opportunities. This free service for students, alumni and Partner Companies and Organizations gives professionals the chance to join highly respected companies at a national and international level.

In addition, the Professional Careers Department also organizes events to enhance its students’ employability, such as the Online Employment Forum; the Opportunity Bank with more than 6,000 employment offers posted every year, and the International Talent Program, aimed at students who want to enhance their international development and visibility in multinational companies, with workshops and interviews with headhunters around the world. The School also takes part in and gives students access to the employability programs of leading global brands such as L’Oréal, Banco Sabadell, Leroy Merlin, Kyocera, Schneider Electric and IBM, among others.

In short, EAE’s Professional Careers Service strives to promote interaction between and providing a meeting point for students, alumni, partner companies and other business groups interested in hiring EAE professionals.

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Key Figures

Over the past year, some of the students on EAE’s University Master in Business Administration and Management began working at:

Empresas en las que trabajan alumnos del MBA de EAE Business School

Roche Farma: R. García / Repsol: A. Fraga / Fujitsu: A. Lepervanche / Novartis: O. Al-Nehlawi / Amics de la UNESCO: S.C. Naranjo / Everis: J. Gost / GAES: I. Carrera / E&Y: M. del Castillo / Ericsson España: M. Osorio

In addition, the Employment Report 2017 reveals that:

  • 93% of students find employment within six months of completing the program.
  • 34% of graduates increased their salary by 30% within a year of completing the master.
  • 67% of students accessed an employment opportunity through one of the channels organized by EAE Business School.