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Quality Assurance

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Quality Assurance

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Verification, Monitoring,
Modification and Accreditation

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Academic indicators

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Satisfaction and Employability

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Quality Assurance

EAE Business School is keenly aware of the importance of implementing and developing an Internal Quality Assurance System (SGIC), in accordance with the applicable legislation at a regional, national and European level, in order to apply a process of Verification, Implantation, Monitoring and Accreditation to all the qualification programs in line with these requirements.

With this in mind, the School has a fully developed and implemented Internal Quality Assurance System that has enabled us to perform a system review to effectively improve the qualification programs and their delivery.

For more information, see Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Committee

As a result of the deployment and implementation of EAE Business School’s Quality Assurance System, each qualification program has a Quality Assurance Committee made up of representative of the stakeholders of the qualification program. The committee must at least include the following:

  • Representatives of the Accreditation and Certification Department.
  • The Academic Director of the Postgraduate Programs at the centre.
  • The Program Director of the qualification.
  • One or two lecturers who teach on the programs.
  • One or two representatives of the administration and service staff, related to the program.
  • One or two representatives of the students taking the qualification program.
  • An external expert.

The Committee’s objective is to oversee the annual monitoring of the qualification, compiling information from all the parties involved in the tuition process, as well as the results and academic performance indicators for the qualification program.

Verification, Monitoring, Modification and Accreditation

In accordance with the Spanish legislation regulating official university education in Spain, official qualification programs must undergo a set of external evaluation processes conducted by ANECA or the Autonomous Community’s Evaluation Agencies at different stages.

This evaluation process begins before the qualification program is implemented, with the verification of the design of the program. Once the qualification program is run, it is subject to regular monitoring, which may necessitate modifications to the program. Lastly, once the program has been completed, the qualifications undergo a cyclical process of renewing their accreditation in order to maintain their official qualification status. 

After the program’s verification in 2009, its accreditation was first renewed 2015, with its subsequent modification in 2016, with the inclusion of the EAE Madrid Higher Education Centre as a centre running the qualification program, the accreditation of the University Master in Financial Consultancy and Planning is due to be renewed in 2019.

For more information, see  Quality Assurance\Campus Madrid.

Academic indicators

As part of the monitoring process of the qualification programs, each year, various data is gathered from which a set of indicators can be calculated and validated. This enables us to review the results of the qualification program. These indicators allow the University Centre to reflect on the quality of its tuition and the constant improvement of its programs.

Specifically, the EAE Madrid Higher Education Centre analyses indicators related to the following aspects:

  • Admission and Enrolment
  • Admission Profile
  • Academic Performance
  • Faculty

For more information, see  Quality Assurance\Campus Madrid

Satisfacción e Inserción laboral

A key factor in ensuring constant improvement in our activities and guaranteeing the effective management of our services is to identify and detect the needs, expectations, interests, opinions and perceptions of all the different stakeholders involved in the development and implementation of our qualification programs.

To achieve this, EAE has a system of surveys in place with the objective of ascertaining the degree of satisfaction its students, teaching and research staff, administration staff, companies, etc. Specifically, the School conducts the following surveys:

Survey Stakeholders Periodicity
Start of course survey Students Annual
End of course survey  Students Annual
Teaching survey – Subjetcs and teaching activity Students Every term
Employability survey Students Annual
Lecturer and researcher survey Faculty Every 3 years
Administration and service staff satisfaction survey Administration and service staff Every 3 years
Occupant survey Occupants Unspecified
Service survey Students As required

For more information, see Quality Assurance\Campus Madrid.