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  • Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Barcelona Campus)

  • Universidad Camilo José Cela (Madrid Campus)

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3rd Business School in Spain, according to MERCO Ranking 2012.

Ileana Alberto

Ileana Alberto

Marketing specialist (Axis Corporate)
Direction of Corporate Comunication Full Time Master (2007)

Thanks to the master I studied in EAE I had the opportunity to work in top-level companies like Nissan, Mango or Infojobs. Nowadays I work as an specialist in a Strategic Consulting Agency focused in marketing and intern communication, Axis Corporate. I am aware that without EAE Formation this couldn’t happen. From EAE I highly value: Its high qualified professors who because of their jobs in important companies are able to teach some keys about Communication. The quality of its program, with contents that can be used in a labour market. Networking between students and professors, whom I am already in contact. Its job bank, because event 5 years after I finished in EAE, some professors still contacting with us to talk about job opportunities.

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