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Friday, 24 de February, 2017

After working for over two and a half years for Everis Peru, Elizabeth Coronado Ascona has now joined the offices of the multinational company in Madrid, after completing her training at the Barcelona Campus of EAE Business School, where she took the Master in Human Resources Management.

Operating in 14 countries, Everis is one of the leading consultancies offering solutions for business, strategy, development and maintenance in relation to technological applications and outsourcing. “Creative energy, demanding generosity and responsible freedom” are the three company values that the former student highlights.

In the interview, Elizabeth also tells us about her time in the School’s classrooms. She explains that she made the decision to take the Master at EAE based on her friend’s recommendations, and confirms that she had a “good academic experience”, with her highlights including her classmates, the calibre of the teaching faculty and the networking opportunities.

How did the opportunity to work in Everis arise?

One of the Directors of the company told me about the vacant position and encouraged me to take part in the selection process for the Madrid offices.

Tell us about the selection process and how you approached it.

After sending in my CV to apply for the vacancy, they contacted me from Madrid and I had an interview by Skype with two of the Directors at Everis. Basically, they asked me about my experience and my main motivations for working on a Master internship at the company.

How did you feel when they told you that you had been selected?

A couple of weeks after the interview with the team at Everis Madrid, they called to inform me that I had been selected and they sent me a formal written offer by email. At that point, I felt very happy and grateful for the opportunity to form part of Everis again.

What is your position and daily duties?

I currently work in the team in charge of providing support of the staff selection and induction for employees with a fixed-term contract for the various projects underway in the Banking section. This initiative was launched over a year ago within the department.

My job involves taking part in the selection of the IT profiles required, coordinating with the subcontracting department, filtering the CVs, interviewing candidates and following up with the Managers and Directors right up until the successful candidate joins the company.

What do you expect to learn from this professional experience?

I hope to enrich my experience in selection and consolidate my knowledge of Human Resources in the IT sector in Spain.

What impact will having this multinational brand have on your CV?

Currently, Everis is one of the leading companies in the IT sector at a global level. However, above and beyond the company’s brand, I believe that Everis is a company that strives to set itself apart through the development of its human talent, and that is what makes me so glad to join the company once again at this stage of my professional life.

What aspects of Everis would you highlight now that you know it from the inside?

Now that I am working in the head office of Everis, I can confirm that it is a company that strives to do things well, making great efforts to ensure the quality of its processes.

You had previously worked for over two years at Everis Peru. What similarities have you found between that period and your current experience at Everis Spain?

I did indeed work for two and a half years in the People Selection department at Everis Peru and, now that I am working in Madrid, I can confirm that I also work with people with the three values that define the company: creative energy, demanding generosity and responsible freedom. This ensures that the synergy between the teams is fast and fluid.

What are your professional objectives in the short and long term?

For the time being, I want to give my very best to the team and contribute the knowledge that I acquired on the Master. In the future, my goal is to lead one of the Human Resources departments in a company in which I can apply all of my experience, as well as teaching in my country.

As we mentioned, you are from Peru. What led you to move to Spain to continue your education? Why did you choose Barcelona?

When I first became keen to study abroad, Spain was one of the options because I knew a little about the culture through my time in the company where I worked. After thinking about the field for a while and doing some more research, I decided to take the Master at EAE Business School. Although I did not know Barcelona, I had friends who had been to the city and talked very highly of their time there.

Why did you decide to take the Master in Human Resources Management at EAE Business School?

When I was looking for business schools in Spain, a friend at university was coincidentally studying at the Madrid Campus EAE Business School, taking precisely the same Master. She told me about her experience and I decided to start the process to apply to study at the Barcelona Campus.

What aspects of the Master would you highlight?

The Master gave me the opportunity to get to know classmates from different careers and parts of the world, but with the same passion for Human Resources. In addition, I would highlight the fact that I had lecturers of an extremely high quality, who went far beyond the theory, with practical examples, broadening our perspective and always taking us out of our comfort zone. Thanks to those teachers, I can now say that this journey has been well worth the effort.

What impact do you hope that this Master at EAE will have in terms of your CV? What leap forward are you planning to take in your professional career?

Now that the Master has helped me to consolidate my knowledge of Human Resources, in the future, I would like to give support in other departments to share what I have learned.

Besides the purely academic training, what other experiences at EAE would you highlight?

The experience of networking in and outside the classroom is extremely rewarding. You can get to know people from around the world, with different careers and perspectives, all of which you learn from.

Would you recommend the School? Why?

Yes. Based on my time at EAE Business School, I can state that I had good academic experience, which has contributed towards my progress at both a professional and personal level.

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